The Truth About How to Attract Abundance from the Universe

How to Attract Abundance from the Universe

There was a time when I tried so hard to attract abundance without defining what that meant and knowing how to achieve it. And, if you’re like many, you often hear that to receive what you want, you have to work hard for it.

You often are told you have to hustle, push, and fight to attract abundance from the Universe. And that somehow this is how to attract abundance.

But, the first step to understanding how to attract abundance is to understand two things: what is abundance to you, and the mindset shifts to attaining abundance from the Universe. Hint: it’s not about hard work and pushing. And so today, you’ll learn how-to in detail.

As a Manifestation & Happiness Educator, I have taught thousands how to attract abundance from the Universe. I practice it in my life with beautiful results. “I attract abundance,” has become a regular saying in my life, with powerful outcomes.

I use the word play since I consider life a game, and it’s one we play.

With each concept and how-to you learn here or in any other articles I write on manifestation and happiness, I invite you to shift to a play mindset. Test them, experience them, and use them for your good.

How to Attract Abundance from the Universe

Understanding Abundance

You’re going to have your own definition of what is abundance. But, you must know what it is to know when you have received it.

Technically, the word abundance means an oversupply of something.

And so what is your something? What do you desire to have so much of that it’s in abundance? Understanding how to attract what you want from the Universe is vital, but so is what is it that you consider abundant.

Some want an abundance of homes. They desire to have a mansion or multiple residences that they can live in. Others wish for an abundance of money. They desire to have so much financial security that they have reserves of it in investments or savings.

And others desire an abundance of health, where sickness is not part of their lives, and they live a healthy life that feels good physically and mentally.

So what is it that you desire to have in oversupply? Define this for yourself.

Once you define it, write it down on a piece of paper. And please note that each step I recommend is highly encouraged as a way for you to begin the process of manifesting abundance in your life.

Your foundational steps are getting clarity on what it means to you and then grounding it by writing it down.

How to Attract Abundance from the Universe

Attracting what you desire to have in oversupply will involve two universal laws: the law of attraction and law of assumption.

While many focus on just the law of attraction, the key to attracting abundance from the Universe involves the law of assumption.

Mindset to attract abundance

Here’s a definition of both:

Law of Assumption: With this law, you believe what you assume to be true becomes your reality. 

Law of Attraction: This law says that thoughts can draw things into your life. 

Both of these laws are based on spirituality but also on the science happiness, both of which I write about extensively in this blog. I explain more below. But, with either law, you must have an abundance mindset. 

Many people desire to manifest abundance from the Universe while having a scarcity mindset. Unfortunately, this mindset results in you failing to achieve abundance.

An abundant mindset and a scarcity mindset are based on cognitive psychology:

Abundance Mindset

With this mindset, you believe there’s plenty for everyone. Someone that has an abundance mindset has these characteristics:

  • Spot opportunities everywhere: Even when things are tough, you find chances to learn and grow.
  • Work well with others: You know that everyone can succeed together. You’re sure you can make the best of what life gives you.
  • Bounce back from failures: You see them as chances to learn, not signs of weakness.
  • Show gratitude: You’re happy with what you have, even while you aim for more.

Scarcity Mindset

If you have this mindset, you believe there’s only so much to go around. And so you’d be someone that has these characteristics: 

  • Worry about your stuff and achievements: You might hoard or not want to share, fearing others might do better than you.
  • See competition everywhere: You often compare yourself to others, thinking one’s win is another’s loss.
  • Focus on what needs to be added: You might miss out on creativity and thinking of new ideas because you always look at what you need.
  • Feel stressed, worried, and unhappy because you always don’t have enough.

These mindsets can change your life. They will come into play with your ability to attract abundance from the Universe.

And so, I will cover ways to attract abundance that will help you shift and stay in an abundance mindset.

And finally, another psychological concept that you will need to attract abundance is the expectation theory.

Expectancy Theory

The expectancy theory says  that your expectations can shape what happens to you. Your expectations can shape how you see the world and what you do in it. Sounds familiar to law of attraction? That’s because much of the science of happiness merge with the concepts of manifestation.

In essence, the psychological concepts of an abundant mindset overlap with the definitions of the law of attraction and the law of assumption.

And to add to this is the self-fulling prophecy, another psychological concept that will attract to you what you desire:

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

The self-fulfilling prophecy is when your expectations or beliefs about a situation or outcome lead you to behave in a way that makes that expectation come true. 

So, is it genuinely possible to attract abundance from the Universe? Absolutely. Both proven by science and manifestation theories.

It will require you to shift your mindset, set expectations, and believe them to be accurate, shaping how you flow in your life and leading you to abundance.

These practices and tips are the way to attract abundance from the Universe. You are powerful and you will attract what you desire.

15 Research and Spiritual-Based Tips to Attract Abundance from the Universe

1. Define what abundance means to you

I touched on this in the introduction, but you will first begin attracting abundance by defining what you want an oversupply of.

Once you have defined it, write it down. And use your powerful manifesting words when you write them down. Use language such as, “I am someone that attracts _______ (insert what you desire to have in oversupply) easily and in abundance.”

Remember that words have power, and this begins the process of you speaking abundance into your existence.

2. Use Cognitive Reframing

What you think about, you will attract more of. And so when you find yourself having negative thoughts or inner narratives, such as, “I never have enough money.”, you’ll want to use the concept of cognitive reframing.

Cognitive reframing allows you to edit your thoughts and inner narratives to be positive. Because also, remember that the self-fulling prophecy I spoke of already means that what you believe is likely to happen.

So in this example, you might choose different thoughts or inner narratives, such as:

“I have everything I need to make my life amazing and with an oversupply for money.”

Practice cognitive reframing as often as you need until you become a master of your mind.

3. Use Abundance Visualization

Visualization has been the key to how I manifest what I want quickly and effortlessly into my life, including an abundance of what I desire.

Begin by clearly picturing in your mind’s eye exactly what you desire and in detail.

By clearly, I mean that you see yourself in the future version of yourself with what you want to attract in abundance. 

So, suppose it is living on an island with a beautiful house overlooking the ocean. In that case, you will visualize yourself, for example, opening your home’s windows, breathing in the ocean mist, and sitting on your dining room table in this beautiful home by the ocean. 

Visualize attracting your abundance at least once a day.

4. Use Positive Affirmations You Believe In

Affirmations that you do not believe in will not work to attract abundance from the Universe.

Choose affirmations that your whole being (mind, body, spirit) fully believes in.

You might choose affirmations such as:

“I am someone that attracts the abundance of money in my life.”

“I live a life of someone with an oversupply of health.”

“I am someone that will have beautiful homes to live in.”

Come up with as many affirmations as you desire, but ensure you believe in your words.

Be open to receiving abundance from the Universe

5. Be Open to Receiving

Have you made space for attracting abundance from the Universe?

In this, in what ways are you open to receiving?

Is it hard or easy for you to receive? If it’s easy to receive, you are ready to attract abundance. 

However, if you feel uncomfortable receiving, you have no space to receive your abundance.

To receive abundance, I first had to learn to receive with ease.

An easy way to learn to receive is to say Yes when someone offers to help you. Another way is to see everything around you as something to receive.

Assume you see a beautiful flower when out for a walk. You will thank that flower for being there for you to see it and receive its beauty.

When you eat dinner, whether it’s one you made or was made for you, you will receive the dinner with gratitude and trust that it was created in your life, primarily and uniquely for you.

Cultivate being someone who believes that everything good around you exists for you receive. This practice helps you make space for the abundance you will attract from the Universe.

6. Shift into an Abundance Mindset

An abundance mindset knows plenty of everything for you to attract.

If it’s money, then you will have an abundant mindset that says that money is in excess in this world (which it is) and that there’s more than enough for you.

When you see someone with what you want to attract from the Universe, you will begin to see that as proof that there’s plenty of it in the world. You are seeing this person have what you want as a way to show you that you can have it too.

Shifting into an abundant mindset, you will use the same concept I’ve mentioned of cognitive reframing whenever you feel jealous, spiteful, or sad that others seem to have what you desire to attract.

7. Believe in Your Worthiness

How much do you believe yourself worthy of the abundance you seek to attract from the Universe?

Rest assured that you are more than worthy of what you desire. 

In fact, what you desire, desires you. It goes both ways.

There are no desires that are not matched with an equal desire for you from the very thing you want to attract. 

The moment you desire money, for example, money also desires you.

You are worthy of whatever you want to attract, as there is an abundance of it in the Universe.

9. Practice Generosity and Giving

You will use the law of assumption to assume that what you desire to attract from the Universe is already created.

And so, you will live as someone that has an abundance. In the ways you can, you will practice generosity and giving. This will also place you in an abundant mindset.

As you can see by now, these tips and concepts are intertwined. It is not one thing, but the accumulation of these that bring you what you want to attract from the Universe.

You might choose to give away some extra clothing you have, give a couple of dollars to the next homeless person you see, or offer to make a meal for a friend in need.

One of the ways I attracted being able to live the life I desired was by giving. At the time, I donated what I could to non-profit organizations that I felt passionate about. I also bought an extra meal for a homeless person whenever I went through a drive-thru.

In the law of attraction, likes attract likes, so as a giving person, I could attract being given to.

10. Surround Yourself with Abundance

Make abundance a regular part of your life by surrounding yourself with it.

For a long time, when I was in the beginning stages of attracting abundance from the Universe, I would look at a tree right outside my window. And I would say to myself, “Look at how many leaves this tree has. There is so much abundance in the Universe.”

I do the same when I go to the beach or walk along nature. 

No matter where you live, there is abundance all around you. 

11. Take Inspired Action

I purposely left this tip until this place in the article for a reason.

The natural progression will be that as you cultivate an abundant mindset, practice cognitive reframing, start to see abundance all around you, and affirm what you desire, you will begin to get urges to take action.

You will find that you’ll get an idea or an inspiration, and with excitement and flow, you are eager to take action.

While not all your actions will lead to what you expect them to, they will serve as a connecting dot towards your abundance.

Be sure to write every one of these inspired actions so you can do them as soon as possible. Refrain from letting any idea come and go. Follow it to completion.

Abundance from the Universe

12. Celebrate Your Progress

If you have not already, you will learn that life is not about the destination but the journey.

You are a creator. You are meant to continuously attract new desires.

Along the way to your manifestations, you will have new learnings and achievements that will be easy to overlook if you focus on the end goal.

However, you must celebrate yourself and your progress as a way to ingrain in yourself your magical abilities. 

Each new learning and achievement is proof of your magical abilities to manifest abundance from the Universe. Take nothing for granted.

13. Assume it is Yours

You may have already noticed that there is much to do to attract abundance from the Universe.

You do not, in fact, need to hustle, struggle, push, or work hard for it.

What you desire desires you. It is already yours.

You will simply align yourself to your abundance by living a positive life, reaffirming, giving, and flowing with inspired actions.

Assume it is yours because it is.

As you shift to align yourself to what you desire through these practices, you will unfold into your new reality. It is that simple. 

14. Trust the Process and Be Patient

Stay on the path as you align yourself to attract abundance from the Universe.

On days when you begin to feel that your abundance will never come, shift to a mindset that works on your behalf, and rephrase your thoughts.

Remind yourself that there is abundance everywhere. And check in with yourself to ensure you remove any thinking blocks preventing your abundance from appearing.

Remember that it is yours already and will unfold in your life.

Check in that you are not making decisions based on a scarcity mindset, and work towards an abundant one.

You have everything you need to achieve your goals.

15. Keep a Gratitude Journal

You already have in abundance what others wish to have. Keep a journal where you write each day what you are thankful for in your life.

Add at least five new things to be thankful for each day.

Research has shown that gratitude leads to positive outcomes. But in addition, gratitude builds a life that makes every step above easier.

Experience a life of gratitude, and you will attract abundance from the Universe.

Takeaways for Attracting Abundance from the Universe

To attract abundance into your life, start by clearly defining what abundance means to you.

This could range from wealth and health to happiness.

But, know exactly what you’re aiming for, so take the time to reflect on your personal definition of abundance and write it down, making your goals tangible and concrete.

Shift your thinking from a scarcity to an abundance mindset.

Embody the belief that the world has enough resources for everyone and that you are capable of attracting what you need and desire.

This mindset involves recognizing opportunities even in challenging times, working collaboratively with others, being resilient in the face of setbacks, and expressing gratitude for what you already have.

Understand and actively apply the Laws of Attraction and Assumption in your life.

The Law of Attraction suggests that your thoughts have the power to draw experiences and resources into your life, while the Law of Assumption is based on the idea that what you believe to be true will shape your reality.

It’s helpful to use positive affirmations and visualization techniques into your daily routine.

Choose affirmations that truly resonate with you and spend time visualizing yourself living in the abundance you aspire to achieve. 

Finally, cultivate a mindset of openness to receiving the abundance the universe has to offer and regularly express gratitude.

Being open to receiving and acknowledging the abundance you already possess creates a positive feedback loop, enhancing your capacity to attract even more abundance into your life. 

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