Human Beings Having a Spiritual Experience: A Must-Read

Human Beings Having a Spiritual Experience

By now, you’ve heard this before, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” 

But, what does this really mean? And how does it actually affect your life? 

The concept that we are human beings having a spiritual experience holds the essence of your true nature and your life’s purpose. 

It could change your life. So, let’s dive into what this is and how you can use it for profound shifts you didn’t think were possible.


human beings having a spiritual experience

What Does It Mean to Be Spirit?

When you hear the term Spirit, various images or concepts might flood your mind. 

Some call it the Source. 

Others refer to it as the Universe. 

These are different names for the same concept: a grand intelligence running the spiritual and physical worlds alike.

You’ve tapped into this when you meditate or when something synchronistic happens. These are not just coincidences. They are moments when you’re aligned with the Source.

Many spiritual practices and philosophies refer to this as Consciousness at Large. 

You’re not an isolated fragment wandering aimlessly through the maze of human life. You are part of a grander collective consciousness.

Let’s delve into something more scientific but still deeply spiritual: Vibrational Frequencies. Think about Spirit as energy. This energy vibrates at different frequencies.

So, what does this mean for human beings having a spiritual experience? 

It means you have the freedom and the responsibility to align your human body and human actions with your true spiritual nature.

The dichotomy of being both human and Spirit can seem complex. But it’s this very complexity that makes your journey so intriguing.



When You Embrace Your Spirit, You Change Your Life

When you embrace this perspective, your approach to every situation changes. 

Problems become lessons. 

Struggles become avenues to grow in spiritual practice.

Why is this important? Because acknowledging this duality gives you the power to live fully. 

You cease being a spectator and become an active creator in your life’s unfolding narrative.

You know realize yourself as part of the Greater Consciousness.

And for the first time in your life, you become fully aware that you are more powerful than you ever thought.

What the Universe can achieve, you can as well, as you are part of it.


human beings having a spiritual experience

The Reason Why We Forget Who We Really Are

Stepping into your human life, you encounter what’s often called the “Veil of Forgetting.” You don’t remember your spiritual origins for a reason: to engage fully in the human experience.

However, if you look at children, you’ll see a different story. 

Kids often display a closer connection to Spirit.

As children grow up, society starts teaching them its rules, and they become conditioned to forget their spiritual nature.

Acknowledging this drift is the first step to navigating back to your spiritual essence.

Understand that society’s limitations are constructs. You have the power to break free, to tune back into your spiritual frequency.

The journey into humanity isn’t a one-way street. It’s a loop that feeds back into your spiritual origins. And that’s a trip worth taking.


human beings having a spiritual experience

Eventually Many Get Lost in the Human Experience

Let’s face it: suffering and struggle often become part of the human experience, even as a spiritual being having a human experience.

At the same time, for many, pain pushes you to confront your spiritual psychology. 

Getting lost in your human experience is when your pain is so much greater than joy, and you feel yourself slipping into fear and doubts, unable to seemingly create the life you desire.

While not all need to experience this pain level to become seekers, it is common for a deep level of discomfort within us to spark the curiosity of seeking, “Is there more to life than this.”


the unfolding manifestation

What is the Purpose of Integrating into Your Spirit Self?

So, what’s the point of being spiritual beings having a human experience? 


I’m talking about a deep, soul-driven purpose. 

You are here for something greater than your individual self. 

You might feel a pull towards a personal relationship with a higher power or maybe a general push towards contributing to the greater good. 

The human experience gives you the platform to explore this. 

The actions you take, the relationships you form, the spiritual practices you follow—these aren’t random. 

They shape your journey towards a purposeful life.

Connecting your human life with spiritual goals realigns you with your true nature. 

You’re not just passing through; you’re evolving, both as a human and as a spiritual entity. 

Even as you live this human life, the undercurrent of your spiritual nature guides you towards your ultimate purpose. 

It whispers to you through intuition, nudges you through synchronicities, and speaks to you through your deepest desires and most meaningful experiences.

In understanding your purpose, you uncover the spiritual experience behind the human experience. 

You turn from solely being engrossed in the physical being you are to embrace the complex, beautiful spiritual being you’ve always been. 

And that, my friend, is the essence of the human journey.


human beings having a spiritual experience

Awareness: Realizing Your True Nature

First, you need to become aware that you’re more than flesh and bone. 

You’re in for a grand surprise if you’ve always thought of yourself as just a human body navigating the physical world. 

Realizing your true nature involves acknowledging that you are, at your core, a spiritual being having a human experience. This isn’t some whimsical idea; it’s a central tenet in spiritual psychology. 

You can take active steps to increase this awareness. 

Start journaling your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. 

When something resonates deeply with you, pause and ask why. This kind of self-inquiry opens the door to recognizing your spiritual nature.


human beings having a spiritual experience

Spiritual Practices: Ways to Deepen Your Connection

Once the awareness kicks in, you’ll be eager to deepen that connection. There are multiple avenues to explore. Let’s break it down:

Meditation: This is not just sitting quietly; it’s an active engagement with your inner self. Start with just five minutes a day. Focus on your breath. The aim is not to control your thoughts but to not let them control you.

Mindfulness: This practice teaches you to live in the present moment. It’s simple but transformative. During your daily activities, take the time to engage fully with your senses. If you’re washing dishes, feel the temperature of the water, hear the sound of the bubbles popping, and smell the soap.

Gratitude: Each day, write down three things you’re grateful for. Do this for 30 days. You’ll start to see a shift in your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

With their simplicity, these practices will begin to bring you back into remembrance of who you are and your purpose.


human beings having a spiritual experience

In Your Awareness, You Now Use the Law of Attraction Intentionally

You’ve heard the phrase: “Like attracts like.” But what does it actually mean in the context of being a spiritual being having a human experience? 

The Law of Attraction is about aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions so powerfully that the Universe can’t help but respond. 

Think of yourself as a magnet. 

If you’re focused on lack, you’ll attract lack. 

If you’re focused on abundance, opportunities, and resources will come your way.

Understanding the Law of Attraction leads you to the concept of co-creation. 

It’s not just you manifesting your desires; it’s you in a spiritual relationship with the Universe. 

You set the intention, and then you work towards it, keeping an eye out for signals or ‘winks’ from the Universe. 

For example, if you start seeing repeated numbers like 11:11 or 3:33, don’t dismiss them. These are not coincidences; they’re synchronicities that hint you’re on the right path.


human beings having a spiritual experience
What It Can Look Like to Come Back to Self

Let me share a story of one of my clients to illustrate this transformation. 

Laura was a corporate executive earning a six-figure salary. 

She had all the trappings of what society considers a successful life. 

But she felt empty inside. 

Laura then decided to delve into spiritual practices. She started journaling, meditating, and practicing gratitude. 

As she became more in tune with her spiritual nature, she realized her true calling was to teach.

This was around the time that Laura and I began to work together.

Taking a leap of faith, Laura transitioned into educational consulting. 

The transition wasn’t smooth. There were financial uncertainties and self-doubt. 

But she kept her focus and practiced the Law of Attraction diligently. And we incorporated other Universal Laws, and with awareness of inspired actions.

She visualized herself as a successful consultant and took actionable steps toward it. 

Slowly, the Universe began to respond. Opportunities started flowing in, almost as if the Universe was co-creating with her. 

Today, Laura feels deeply fulfilled, not because she’s making as much money as before, but because she’s aligned with her spiritual journey.

In embracing her true nature and aligning her human life with her spiritual goals, 

Laura manifested a life that feels authentic to her. 

This is the essence of a spiritual being fully engaged in the human journey. And this transformative power is available to you, too. 

You just need to reach out and grasp it.


human beings having a spiritual experience

Ways You Can Use this Knowledge

So here’s the beautiful thing. A profound mindset shift occurs when you start recognizing yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience. 

No longer are you just a physical being caught up in the hustle and bustle of human life. 

You find a special place where the spiritual world and the physical world merge. 

Living in this harmonious existence allows you to make decisions at a soul level, guided by a divine spirit. 

Your interactions are physical transactions and spiritual exchanges steeped in unconditional love.


the unfolding manifestation

You Become Aware of Your Limitless Potential

Did you know your potential is limitless? It’s not a cliché; it’s a second-time reminder in case you missed it the first time. 

As eternal souls, you and I are capable of extraordinary feats in this human journey. 

Imagine tapping into higher levels of consciousness, accessing the omega point where all knowledge resides. Sounds overwhelming? It shouldn’t. 

You don’t need to be Jesus Christ to unlock your potential. You can embody Jesus consciousness.

You just need to embark on your spiritual journey, maintaining a spiritual practice that nurtures your true identity.

So what’s stopping you? Do you still have deep issues holding you back? Cast them aside. 

Recognize your spiritual life as equally significant as your human life. 

Start building a personal relationship with your spiritual self. In doing so, you embrace your true nature and acknowledge your spiritual relationship with the Universe. 

The simple question now is: Are you ready to take the leap into the spiritual realm? Are you willing to unlock your limitless potential, not just at a human body level but at a spiritual level as well?

Because, remember, you’re not just having a random human experience. 

You are a spiritual being having a very intentional, very beautiful human experience. 

It’s time to live like it. It’s time to act like it. Reach out.

Grasp your spiritual reality. 

Make your life a living testament to the harmonious existence of which you are an integral part.

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