The Human Experience: Everything You Need to Know

Human experience definition

The human experience definition is to connect the mind, body, and spirit to tap into our higher selves with the self-awareness to live a life of purpose, calmness, kindness, confidence, and service.

We reach this through intentional practices, knowing that it’s a lifelong journey we call the human experience.

In this article, you will learn ways to experience the human experience in your power.


The Human Experience is Often Misunderstood

When I started the Alchemy of the Human Experience podcast, I wanted to focus on how we experience life as humans, with a strong focus on our spiritual self and how that affects our minds and bodies.

Living life, no matter who you are, is a substantial responsibility.

It’s why people often describe life as “hard.” However, these are often based on the layers placed on us by the adults around us in our childhood, so we grow up believing limited thoughts about the human experience.


Limited Beliefs of the Human Experience:

  • You have to work hard to get what you want
  • Life is hard, and you have to just get through it 
  • Things are just the way they are, and there’s little you can do to change it
  • You first need things to happen to you before you can be happy
  • There’s a limited amount of resources, such as money and health
  • Those around you can’t be changed, so you are limited by how much you can achieve

We all share a similar human experience through these beliefs, just told in different stories.

So much so that often, through what appear to be hardships in life, we question the purpose of the human experience.


Here are common beliefs on the purpose of our human experience:

  1. Learning and Growing: Some believe being human is about learning and growing. This could mean learning new things, getting better at something, or becoming a better person emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Making Connections: Other people feel that the point of life is to connect with others and create relationships. This could mean making good friends, starting a family, or helping your community or society.
  3. Finding Happiness: Some people believe the purpose of life is to find joy and satisfaction. This might mean doing things you enjoy, following your passions, or living in the flow.
  4. Spiritual Growth: If you’re religious or spiritual, you might think that being human is about growing spiritually. This could mean reaching enlightenment, fulfilling religious duties, or preparing for life after death.
  5. Helping Others: Some believe the purpose of life is to make the world a better place, such as being of service to others.


However, the human experience meaning is to live through our life purpose and to consciously create.

But we need a lot more resources on how to tap into our self-healing and inner wisdom so that the things that feel hard about life can be more accessible, with more confidence, and calmer.

Inner child work, self-awareness, relationships, and Spiritual awakening resources can help you feel more connected, grounded, confident, and live in a good flow.


You Are More Powerful Than You Think

You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are a powerful spirit in a human form, experiencing the human experience.

Often, when we see ourselves as just our minds and our bodies, we get lost in the human experience. And life can feel challenging and frustrating, mixed with anxiety and a loss of purpose.

But, when you awaken to the fact that you are more powerful than your mind and body and begin to master your mind with your spirit, you also create realities that serve you.


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Life does not need to be complicated.

The purpose of our human experience is to live in flow, happiness, and service.

And achieving a life that does not feel hard starts with making small steps toward happiness.

If you can open yourself to the possibility that perhaps you’re more powerful than you think, that your spirit is a great creator and manifestor, then that becomes the day your human experience shifts.

You begin to seek, you begin to be curious, and because what you desire is seeking you, you will find.

So with that, stay curious, friend. Stay curious. 

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