8 Simple Self Care Ideas Busy Moms Can Do Today

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What do you think about when you first hear the words self-care? And by hear I mean hear again, again, and again. It’s not like there’s a lack of times that we are told as mothers to practice self-care.

Self-care is important! You MUST do self-care! Oh, and with positive thinking...and mindfulness!


(I probably say these things myself)


But, when you’re in the every day busy life of motherhood, the concept of being mindful about your self-care may be in your mind but the very very very last thing on your to-do list.

Most mothers wish they had time for self-care and holistic wellness.


Nearly 70% of parents wish they spent more time on themselves.  It’s kind of ironic. We want it, but we don’t do much of it. 


It feels like an investment, right? Maybe even time consuming even though you know it’s a GOOD kind of time-consuming. 

Listen, I know. I know because it happens to me too. Just this morning, I woke up and felt heavy. I felt sad. And I knew that it was because of recent social justice issues happening, but still, it was not a feeling I wanted to keep with me all day.


But, even then, even with everything I know about the value of self-care and holistic wellness - I felt like spending any time in caring for myself through it was more time than I had in my day. 


I had emails to answer, content to write, kids to mother. I was b-u-s-y. I have no time for myself.


Or so I told myself.

And the irony is not missed on me. As I had this inner narrative with myself, I also realized the ridiculousness that is when we don’t even take a few minutes to ourselves because of the excuse that is lack of time.


It wasn’t a lack of time. It was a lack of value. I was not valuing myself or my self-care as a mother.


And, so I did. I consciously chose to value my self.


I took 20 minutes to practice self-care, and I was able to let the feeling pass over me and continue with my day in a right way.




I’m not about to give you “simple” ways to practice self-care that are not doable as a mother. I’m going to provide you with real, practical daily ways to do this thing we hear so much about -- self-love (aka self-care).

8 Self Care Ideas for Moms to Increase Mindfulness

1. Drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.

Juice half a lemon into warm water in the morning, and you’ll add about a ⅙ of your vitamin C day needs for the day. And by drinking warm water with lemon, you’ll also be hydrated, help your digestive system, and phytonutrients that help fight disease.

Wow, right? All that by simply starting your day with some self-care by drinking a warm glass of lemon water. 



2. Eat.

I added a period to that. Eat. Period. 


You aren’t getting nutrition enough by nibbling on your kids leftover food or eating bits of it as you prepare theirs. 


We make sure our kids get every single meal and snack they need. Yet, we forget to do that for ourselves.


It’s very debatable whether it’s better to eat three meals a day or 5-6 a day, but what is not debatable is that less than three times a day is going to affect your health. 

I find meal planning to make it easy for me to know what I need to purchase for the week for the family and myself. I also find that I need meals for myself that don’t require a lot of thinking or planning. I make sure there’s a vegetable, a protein, and healthy fats.


A meal for me could be  kale chopped up (vegetable) with salad dressing (healthy fats) and ground chicken (protein). And if I have more time, it could be grilled asparagus and shrimp with butter. However you do it, think ahead of what your meals will be and eat at least three times a day.

3. Move Your Body

Dance, do yoga, have long sex sessions, lift a kettlebell, go running, take a walk - find what you can do. And then do it. 


Moving your body is going to give you endorphins, and your body loves those. It relaxes you, reduces stress. Giving yourself endorphins is the ultimate self care.


And all you need is 10 minutes of this a day.


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4. Write three things you’re thankful for each day.

Self-love is also reminding ourselves that we have good things in our lives. When I feel like I need a little boost, I will take my journal and start writing each morning three things I’m thankful. 

At one point, I get to little things that give me great happiness, like being thankful for my bohemian drink coasters, grateful that my plants are thriving, grateful that I got an excellent book to read…

5. Declutter

You might be surprised to learn that decluttering help raises your cortisol levels, distresses you, and increases your confidence. And the opposite occurs in a cluttered environment. 


Look at that! What you probably do all day is a form of self-care. 

Decluttering is highly subjective. All you need to do is declutter enough to make you feel good. (By the way, obsessive decluttering is not self-care, so be mindful of the difference).


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6. Breathe

Yes, we take breathes all day, but most of the time, we are taking shallow breaths. Sometimes even holding our breath unnecessarily. (I bet you took a deeper breathe while reading this.. and if so, didn't it feel good?)


Take one minute a day to sit comfortably and breathe deeply. Take a deep breath through your nostrils and exhale deeply through your mouth. When exhaling, take a deep enough breath to feel your belly expanding.


By breathing this way, you’ll give yourself love increasing relaxation with holistic wellness.

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Is shopping at Etsy self-care? It is for me!

7. Smile at Yourself

When others smile at you, it feels good. When you smile at others, it also feels good (when they smile back). That’s shown in the research to be true.

But, did you know that YOU smiling at yourself in a mirror produces the same good feeling as if someone else smiles at you? Pretty cool, right? 


It might feel odd at first, but when you receive the benefits, you’ll find yourself smiling at yourself more often. 

8. Breathe Lavender or Bergamot essential oils for 10 minutes

A study showed that breathing deeply Lavender or Bergamot essential oils for 10 minutes a day for four weeks significantly reduces stress and anxiety. 


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I use a flannel wipe (I get mine at Etsy) to place 3-4 drops of essential oils and then sit comfortably or lay down with the cloth over my nose for 10 minutes. I can tell you that it’s incredible how effective this is.

Self-care is in the daily things you do for yourself. Find simple ways to do this for yourself and receive the great benefits of having done so.


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With kindness,
Giselle Baumet

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