Clarifying Oils for Amazing Hair

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I’m a curly and no-poo mama. My no-poo journey started back in 2004 when I first read the book Curly Girl.  


At that time I had long curly hair down my back and when I switched to not using shampoo, I began to really enjoy my curly hair. I stopped using shampoo and began instead “washing” with conditioner (with no silicone at all).

I wash my hair about every other week (with conditioner only) but I do wet my hair daily and leave conditioner (regular conditioner, not “leave-in”)  on my hair. My favorite conditioner is Nature’s Gate Conditioner Herbal Blends.


And for clarifying, I use essential oils. I’ve also used vinegar and also have used lemons. But, most of the time it’s essential oils.


Curly Hair

Simple Clarifying Essential Oil Rinse


Most of the time I use only one of the essential oils but I could use all three by just using one drop of each essential oil. However, using just one essential oil has been amazing on my hair. Lavender, rosemary and lemon are wonderful clarifying oils. However, if you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t use rosemary.


An essential oil rinse is so very easy to do. Mix the drops of essential oils in the vinegar and water and give it a good shake. After wetting your hair, simply tilt your head back and rinse your hair.

And DYI hair rinses smell amazing too!

Last night I did a rinse on my hair and my daughter commented about how nice the bathroom smelled. And it sure did! Not just the bathroom but the aroma of lavender drifted through the house….lovely.


You can also purchase lovely natural beauty products when too busy to make your own. I recommend my store at NYR Organics.


With kindness,
Giselle Baumet

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