How to Reduce Anxiety Quickly (VIDEO)

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If you've ever experienced anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety is considered a secondary emotion, which is an emotion we feel when the primary emotion is difficult of us to feel.

I've worked with mothers for 15 years and in my experience, most will experience anxiety at least once in motherhood. It may be for a few seconds, minutes, days or months, but we experience anxiety at one point in our lives.


In pregnancy, you may also have moments of anxiety, whether it's during the pregnancy or in labor.


What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling (it really sucks!). When you're experiencing anxiety, you may have:

  • restlessness
  • heightened awareness that is not logical
  • difficulty breathing
  • nervous
  • weird feeling in your gut
  • faster heart beat
  • light headed or dizzy
  • irritable
  • nauseated
  • inability to sleep
  • difficulty concentrating
  • hot or cold feeling
  • fear
  • tense

What to Do When You're Experiencing Anxiety

In this video I cover grounding ways to cope with anxiety.  You can use these grounding techniques in pregnancy and in motherhood.



Is it a disorder?

It's considered a disorder when the anxiety is persistent or beginning to affect your daily life in a negative way. But, in one way or another, even when it's not a disorder we will have a moment of anxiety in our lives. My goal is in this video is to help ground you so that you can allow the anxiety feeling to pass.


If you're experiencing anxiety regularly and you want to do something about it, please reach out, as it does not need to a part of your daily life. There are ways to greatly reduce anxiety. 


And if you want to write me to just share with me your feelings, please do so as well. I know that at times when I've dealt with anxiety, it was good having someone to share my feelings with.



With kindness,
Giselle Baumet

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