No One Can Empower You

No one can empower you

Have you ever heard these before?

“Empowering women…”
“My work empowers mothers to…”
“We can empower each other…”
“I’ll empower you to…”

How often have you seen (um in just about EVERYWHERE that has to do with women) the word, “empower”? And it's used as a way to say that someone is going to empower you.

I’m pretty sure that even I’ve been guilty of using it…before I took a hard look at exactly what I was saying.

Definition of empower:

to give official authority or legal power to

So, essentially one is saying that they have the POWER and the AUTHORITY to give you power. Pretty arrogant, no?

Here’s the reality. I can’t empower you to do anything at all. And neither can she, nor her, nor that other person you’re thinking about. Absolutely no one can empower you.

Who made me (or her, or him) ruler of the world, where we have the power to give YOU power.  I don’t have the ability to make you do anything at all…that you don’t want to do.

Any action that you take because of someone’s words didn’t come from them giving you any sort of power. It happened from YOU choosing to take your own power. To empower yourself.


No one can give that to you and no one can take that from you. It’s yours. You own the ability to give yourself power. Others can motivate you, inspire you, encourage you, cheer you on…but only you make the decision to do something about it.

It's you who decides to bring out your inner badass mode and rock the world. And it belongs to you. No one else had the power to do that for you. You own that. And just like no one can give you power, no one can take it away from you.

Don’t give people so much credit. No one owns your power – that they can then “empower” you with it.  And honestly, we need to stop saying this to people. It’s quite arrogant, when you think about it. Essentially, whether they realize it or not, what they’re saying is, “I have power and I have the authority to give it to you.” False.

Empower yourself.


With love,
Giselle Baumet

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