Aromatherapy Teething Blend for Babies

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Teething sucks. It’s so frustrating and can be painful for babies.


Teething can start as early as two months (even though you may not see a tooth for a few more months). And as a mother, you also get frustrated because you want your little one to feel better.


I used this aromatherapy teething blend of babies for years and am sharing the recipe with you.

This particular Aromatherapy Blend gave comfort to my teething baby.


My first three children did well during teething. I did not notice any significant changes in their comfort-level through teething. But, my fourth baby was completely different. He was the most irritated baby ever.


I used essential oils to help him through teething. It was a blend that I developed during the years that I had the largest eco-friendly baby store in Southern California (this blend was one of my best sellers).


DIY Teething Blend for Babies

When I had my boutique (Granola Babies), I made this blend for customers as well as for my own teething baby. Because essential oils should be highly diluted when using with young babies, this blend is going to be slightly less than 1% dilution.

Ingredients for Teething Blend

    Instructions for Teething Blend

      In a 1 oz ounce dark color glass bottle like these (important - don't use plastic as it will leach into your blend), drop in 1 drop of Clove Bud essential oil and 2 drops of Roman Chamomile essential oil.


      Then gently pour in (I like to use a small stainless steel funnel) organic olive oil. Cap your bottle and shake, then store in a cabinet for 24 - 48 hours for the oils to infuse.


      To use: put a small amount on your clean fingers and rub gently on baby's jawline. This blend can also be used on the bottom of feet.

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        This blend has helped many babies with teething, my hope is that it's helpful to you. However, as with anything that goes on your baby's skin, please do a test patch on your baby to make sure there are no allergies or reactions.


        With kindness,
        Giselle Baumet

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