Toddler Tips for the Busy Parent

You know how when you have a toddler you’re on the go, go, go! mode all the time? Well, I was thinking about this exact thing this week and how I have some really great toddler resources. And why not share them! These are links I’ve kept and refer to often for toddler parenting tips. Enjoy!

Yummy Quick Meal
Weelicious Banana Cream Cheese Sammie Recipe
If you have a toddler you’re on the go! Here’s a delicious meal that has can easily be modified so your toddler doesn’t tire of it. You can also do berries (currently in season at Farmer’s Markets), bananas and almond butter for an even more nutritious sandwich.

It’s dough and it’s fun!
Make Homemade Play Dough
This activity never gets old. We’ve done it with our kids when they were toddlers and just this week my 4 1/2 year old enjoyed making play dough and baking it. It is always fun as they get to mix, make a mess and then play.

And when there’s a melt down…
Managing Your Toddlers TANTRUMS!
I’ve referred to this article SO many times. It is a gentle, understanding and effective way of viewing your toddler’s tantrums and parenting it during a tantrum. Dr. Markham gives tips such as how to prevent, how to keep them from escalating and what to do after the tantrum.

Nap? Noooo, no nap!
Tips for Getting Your Toddler to Sleep
Some toddlers just don’t want to take a nap. Have one of those? Well, Dr. Sears shares some tips on how to help your toddler sleep during the day. I particular like the tip about napping with your toddler ~ you don’t need to tell me more than once to enjoy a nap!

And finally…time for YOU.
Breathing Exercises
Parenting is rewarding as nothing else can be, but also hard work. Don’t forget about you as well when parenting your little one. Breathing exercises are calming, meditative and refreshing. Not to mention that they also help our bodies function much better. Take a few minutes each day to do one of these easy breathing exercises and you’ll be glad to have done so.


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