Children and Juice Are Not a Good Mix


Maybe just because water and eating fruit is even better? Well, there is that reason but there are many other reasons why kids don’t need juice. Juice is every where though. It's at gatherings, school events, family dinners and you can even buy juice containers small enough to pack for snacks and lunches. Yikes! It seems that as a culture, we're pretty juice friendly for children, when instead there's plenty of evidence that should make juice almost as limited to children as candy.

Don't believe me? Here are some of the reasons to avoid (or at least really limit) giving juice to a child.


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These are just some of the reasons to avoid giving children juice. If your child has juice regularly, one way to wean them off the juice is to start watering the juice down. The goal being to eventually eliminate the juice instead. I found that since my children got so used to drinking water, they didn’t consider juice a daily drink. Juice is a “special occasion” to my kids – it’s even in the same level as dessert. Throughout the day the kids drink water and we eat whole fruits….so much better than the worries of juice.


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