9 Things Every New Mom Should Know About Babywearing

Thankfully there are a lot of resources for learning to babywear and the many benefits, as well as choosing what would work best for you. But to get you started, here’s a compiled list of things every new mom or mom-to-be should know about babywearing.

  1. Skip the mass produced front backs at a big box store. There are so many much more comfortable choices!
  2. You can do regular daily activities, hands free!
  3. Babywearing helps with colic and reflux.
  4. You can avoid carrying around that heavy portable carseat.
  5. Babywearing saves you from having to spend on other baby gadgets!
  6. Don’t give up with your first few attempts. Keep practicing!
  7. Regardless of well intentioned friends and family – you can’t spoil a baby.
  8. Babywearing can help cope with postpartum depression.
  9. Don’t be intimidated by the different baby carrier types.

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