A little about Chamomile

Today at the local farmer’s market in Long Beach there was a farmer with freshly picked Chamomile. It smelled divine and I commented so. He offered me two bunches for $1 since there weren’t many buying it and it was almost towards the end of the market. Not that many buying Chamomile? How can it be so! Well ofcourse I took them gladly and had to hold myself back from getting the entire basket. I love Chamomile.

On my way home after we shopped for the rest of our farmer’s market goodies, I pondered what I’d make with my Chamomile. A tea would be nice, maybe a tincture for myself or the kids….or an herbal syrup for the kids in the evening. They love syrups so much and I’ve been meaning to make them one I could give them daily if they wanted it, so I decided to make a Chamomile herbal syrup for them.

Benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile has many characteristics ~ from being calming and relaxing to being tonic to even being considered a stimulant. However it’s one those herbs that I immediately think of when you think about calm and relaxation. It works to strengthen the nervous system, helps with digestion and bowel issues, soothes children with colic and gas, calms spasmodic coughs and promotes the functions of our immune system.

And did you know that it’s also wonderful for skin issues? Last month, in my Making Natural Remedies class, I used a  Chamomile oil that I had solar infused with olive oil.  Infused, my oil had that aromatic scent of Chamomile and all the benefits that come with it. It’s an antiseptic so prevents bacteria when applied to the skin. It can also be used to fight inflammation on the skin. And it helps to soothe eczema. We used it to make a Chamomile Oil with Lavender Essential Oil skin salve. And it was lovely using it on my kids after a bath.

Having made my Chamomile herbal syrup earlier this afternoon, tonight right before bedtime, my kids enjoyed a teaspoon of the Chamomile herbal syrup, a story time, diffused Lavender essential oil in their bedroom and a goodnight kiss and hug.  A few minutes later….they were asleep.

Sweet dreams.

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