Babywearing as part of daily life

Sometimes life with small children feels like it’s broken down into five sections. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. Know the feeling? But, here’s when babywearing really saves the day. I have three small children under the age of 4, so one can say I have my “hands full” and my little one’s favorite place to hang out is on me. How do I then make meals for the kids and also keep my baby close to me. Easy question, I know, being that this is a blog about babywearing. ;) But, yes, it’s babywearing that makes it possible for me to care for my older children, while keeping my baby close to me and where he wants to be. But, in particular, it is back carries that make it so much easier. I first feed my little one and then when he is fed and happy, I put him on my back using either a woven wrap or a mei tai. And now I have my full front to make meals and care for the other little ones.

Even if you are a mother of one, babywearing still saves the day. Put on a comfortable baby carrier and all of the sudden you are more mobile yourself and able to things you wouldn’t be able to do without it. And all the while, your baby is near you and you are able to provide the closeness baby needs.

Parents all over the world have made babywearing a part of their daily life and one can say that babywearing has made it possible for them to go about their daily life.

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