Babywearing Safety

Babywearing can be as safe as carrying baby in arms. Here are some guidelines for carrying your baby safely in a baby carrier.

  • Avoid placing baby in a C-like position, as this can push his chin to his chest and constrict the oxygen intake.
  • Airway should be clear and open.
  • The safest position for a young baby is tummy-to-tummy and upright. This can be accomplished in wraparounds, ring slings, pouches and mei tais and soft structured carriers.
  • Avoid baby carriers in which baby is intended to be placed in the C-like position.
  • For infants, the baby carrier should fully support his bottom, back and neck.
  • For older babies worn with legs out, the baby carrier should support from the back of his knees to his shoulders.
  • Baby should be carried with his bottom at or above your belly button.
  • Baby should be visible to you while worn.

These guidelines and more babywearing information is available in our Babywearing 101 handout.

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