Back to School Lunch Ideas


It’s back to school time! Whether it’s back to high school or back to preschool, it’s time to think about easy lunch ideas!

In the busy days of mothering it can be hard to also make time to think about easy lunches. So I’ve done some homework for you to make life just a little bit easier. Here are my top three links for lunch ideas.

5 Minute Lunch Packing

In this blog post, I loved (a) the pictures that make it look oh-so-easy but also (b) that it’s inspirational. As a mother of 4, I need to be able to stay on top of feeding the kids quickly and easily when out and about. Plum Deluxe blogger, plans out the week’s lunches, cooks during the weekend and has it all ready to go each day. I like that very much!

Step-by-Step Veggie Wrap

Call me simple, but I like step-by-step pictorials. In this post by The Queen of Quinoa, she shows how to make a very easy veggie wrap. It gives you the idea of how to make one but it can easily be tweaked for your child’s liking. For us, that would be brown rice tortillas and slightly different vegetables for each child. However, there’s something fun about wraps that once cut into slices are quickly eaten up.

Going Beyond the Sandwich

We’re not paleo, but I do like paleo lunch ideas for going beyond the sandwich for my children’s lunches. In this blog post, you’ll find quite a few ideas for lunches that do not involve any bread at all. From meat wraps to a variation of vegetables, you’ll find at least one that your child will enjoy eating. And while she uses plastic containers for her lunches, I prefer (and recommend) instead one of our stainless steel containers at Granola Babies.

Happy lunch!

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