Breastfeeding – Pumping Tips

Thinking of your baby will help stimulate more breastmilk.

Pumping breast milk is not always necessary, but there are breastfeeding mothers that need to pump in order to supplement their baby (ie going back to work, occasional bottle, increase breastmilk supply, etc).

Tips to increase your milk supply while pumping.

  • Pump enough (every 2 hrs you are gone from baby or when baby would’ve normally fed).
  • Pump during a consistent time each day and night (if you pump at night).
  • Relax and be at peace while pumping – taking a few deep breaths and looking at pictures of your baby will help get you to this relaxed state.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety/worries about breastfeeding – seek breastfeeding support and believe in your body.
  • Simple things like more sleep, better nutrition, less worry make a difference.
  • Fenugreek, such as Mother’s Milk but taken exactly as the directions on the bottle also helps.
  • Take a weekend where it’s just you and baby all day together and as much of that in bed is known to jump start your supply again.

A breastpump flange does not fit all and does not fit always.

Make sure your flange is the right size for you. Click on this link to find out how to know if your flange is the right size.

It’s very very common (but very very unknown by mothers) that the flange size needs to be changed during your breastfeeding journey, so even that will make a difference too.

At the breast is best for stimulation.

Stimulation at the breast is what will increase your milk supply – if you feel that it’s going down, you will need to add either more breastfeeding and/or more pumping sessions.

Human milk for human babies.

If you find that you need to supplement your baby with additional milk, the World Health Organization recommends supplementing with another mother’s breastmilk before considering artificial milk.

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