Children Art Play – Simply done.

Art runs in my husband’s family. His grandfather was an artist, his father is as well and now so is my daughter. She expresses herself in art, she sees everything with an artistic eye. While I use a camera to capture a moment, my daughter uses art, asking for a piece of paper and pencil on the spot so she can draw what she’s seeing. My sons enjoy art play as well and they too can spend most of the day with paper and coloring supplies.

I let my kids play with art. I believe strongly in protecting my children’s natural art and how they use their minds and their imagination with it. And so I avoid as much as I can coloring books where the child is supposed to draw within the lines and most importantly in telling them how they should draw, paint or color. I let them be when it comes to art. And they love it.

Children Art Play

I like to take the patio table out into the backyard and under the big tree and place all their art supplies there for them. When the weather doesn’t allow, then we set up on our kitchen table (aka dining table).

We use a mix of paints and brushes, a glass jar with water, a wooden board for their paints, and plenty of recycled paper.

Now, this part is simple – I let them play. My 6, 4, and 2 year old will paint as they wish.  When they are done, they like to show me their work to which I’ll reply something like, “That’s so interesting! Can you tell me about it?” I don’t judge (good or bad) their art  because it’s theirs and I want to encourage them to go where they want to go with it.

As a busy mama and I know so many of you are, it’s hard sometimes to “do art” when you know that you’ll be doing a whole lot of cleaning up afterwards. I swear that sometimes the clean up part feels twice as long as the actual time they spent painting. But, with soap and water and a kitchen sink hands, faces, arms, brushes, boards, table, chairs and floors can come clean. And it does help to get the little ones to help you. Even a small toddler can learn to pick up the table after art by handing you some brushes.

Enjoy the masterpieces!

– written by Giselle Baturay, the Granola Mama

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