Cloth in the Kitchen

In 2009 I went cloth in the kitchen. What in the world is that you ask? I mean, by now you’ve heard me talking about cloth diapering, but cloth in the kitchen?

Stack of folded washcloths by the sink.

One day I was at my friend Stephanie’s house and noticed that she used cloth for almost everything. It got me thinking about how many paper towels I was using a day. And how many rolls of it I was going through a month. I was using them for everything! Cleaning, drying hands, wiping spills, etc. So, I made the decision to rely less on paper towels and instead go cloth. I knew it would save me money, but I didn’t realize how much more I would like it!

Using cloth is so much more easier than paper. I can clean up spills, dry hands, clean the kitchen and dry dishes much more efficiently – they just perform a lot better than paper! And since it’s something I can keep reusing, I save more and more as the months go by.

I use about 24 white washcloths (and sometimes prefold diapers that I no longer cloth diaper with). I picked white, because I just happen to like white in my kitchen. I keep them folded by the kitchen sink and use them just like one would use a paper towel. I can keep reusing the same cloth until it’s too wet or dirty to use and then I just put it in my kitchen cloth bucket that I keep under the sink. When it’s full, I do wash them by doing a rinse first and then a regular wash and dry.

Kitchen cloth dirty pail and stack of clean ones ready to go.

I do keep a roll of paper towel in the kitchen, but have found that I use so little of it that it lasts me much longer than it did before I switched to cloth. Using cloth in the kitchen is really easy and they clean and dry better than paper towels. Can’t imagine not having them in my kitchen or going back to using paper towels like I did before.

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