Diapering Service or Buying Your Own Cloth Diapers?

A diaper service is a wonderful option to have if you need help with cloth diaper washing or your choices are either a diaper service or using disposable diapers. However is it a better option than buying your own?

How does a diaper service work?

About once a week or so the diaper service will drop off at your place around 90 (approx) prefolds and a diaper pail bag. Parents either rent the diaper covers for the prefolds or often times will buy their own so they can have more options in diaper covers. As they use the prefolds they place the dirty prefolds into the pail bag and on a specified day the diaper service comes by and picks up the bag of dirty diapers and gives you a washed set to start again with. The diaper service then thoroughly washes and sanitizes the prefolds and distributes them again to the various homes that have signed up for the service.

For this service (of having your prefolds washed ), you pay somewhere around $15-$25 a week.

The cost of the diaper service ends up being closer to the cost of using disposable diapers but you get to put cloth on your baby and it’s much better for the environment.

But what is the difference between buying your own cloth diapers and using a diaper service?

Well the obvious difference is that you wash your own cloth diapers vs. having the diaper service do the laundry for you.

There’s also another huge difference though…..cost.

When you are using a diaper service you receive prefolds. You pay about $15-$25 a week and so if you use the diaper service for a year, you’ll spend around $780 – $1300 that year.

And prefolds cost how much to buy?

Prefolds and covers are one of the most economical way to cloth diaper. To buy your own prefolds and covers for that same first year would cost you less than $300 including your diapering accessories like a wetbag and wipes.

So you could potential spend around a thousand extra to have someone wash your diapers for you. However since they aren’t your diapers, you also don’t get to use them again for another child or for other uses like we’ve used ours such as cleaning and dust cloths. I still have prefolds from 8 years ago that I now use around the house.

But isn’t washing your own gross?

Nope not at all! Here’s my simple washing routine that seriously take me about 10 minutes total. I put the dirty diapers in the washing machine, add detergent and program the machine to wash and rinse. And then when it’s done I move the diapers to the dryer. Done!  Worried about poop and washing? Piece of cake ~ read more about that here.

Overall a diaper service is a nice option for a short time or if it means choosing between the service or disposables. But buying your own cloth diapers will save you a lot more and you’ll get more use from your cloth diapers. Between the two ~ owning your own cloth diapers is a better option.



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