I’m just a normal (granola) mother.

I’m a bit of a modern day hippie – after all, Granola Babies isn’t called Granola Babies for nothing. I don’t look like one (at least I don’t think so…says she who wears Birks every single day of the year). But, in reality I’m no different than mothers worldwide. Let me explain.

I’ve been nursing non-stop since 2005. It started with my first, through my second pregnancy, tandem nursing my first and my second, and then through another pregnancy and triple-nursing my first, second and third with my first nursing very very rarely and then not at all at around 5 years old. And now I’m tandem nursing my second and third, who are 4 years old and 2 years old. And by the way, I think when it comes to nursing older children, I have that down pretty well and can share my experience, so feel free to ask me anytime! But, for me it’s not that big of a deal that I’ve nursed a child until 5 years old and that I’m currently nursing a 4 year and a 2 year old. Worldwide the average weaning age of a child is 5 years old, so if anything, we’re just being normal.

We’ve also co-slept since 2005, with all the kids sleeping in our bed up until a couple of months ago, when we moved our 6 year old and 4 year old to their own bed and room. Yet, still every morning, they make their way over before the morning and we welcome them each and every time. We’re used to it, having co-slept for so long. Some of our best memories as parents are with our kids waking up together on a lazy Saturday morning and hanging out in bed a little before we start our day. Today, we read a couple of books before we got out of bed and there’s really not many other ways to start a great day then spending those first few minutes of the day together in bed with the kids. But worldwide many many cultures sleep with their children in their room, so really, we’re just like everyone else.

My babies are carried in baby carriers from birth and are carried most of the day for the first few months. I work, cook, do laundry and take care of my other children while wearing the baby.  My youngest was on my back before he turned one week old, but then again worldwide, and in particular in Africa, women wear their babies from birth and do all their chores with their babies on their front or back. I’m just normal.

It really just comes down to perspective. I’m a world mother sharing traditions from other mothers around the globe. What I do is not unique, it’s not up and coming, it’s not new. It’s simply normal.

Leave a comment below – are you mothering like many other cultures around the world, but different than your own?

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