I’m that weird natural mom

natural mom

I’m that weird natural mom. The one that doesn’t have over the counter medicines at home for my kids. The one that makes her potions (aka herbal syrups and tinctures). I’m that mom whose kids can’t have the chips that were brought to a playdate. Yes I’m even that mom that is gluten-free, dairy-free, artificial coloring-free, processed foods-free and so on and so forth.

I’m also that weird natural mom that doesn’t get an antibiotic prescription for every little thing that my kids get. I question everything. Everything. And I need answers to be able to make an informed decision. Saying things to me like “oh the risks are really small, don’t worry” NEVER cuts it for me. And surprise, surprise I’m the mom who also doesn’t fully vaccinate my children.

I keep things as real as possible with my kids. They aren’t getting artificial anything as far as I can help it. And I’m really quite simply just not a fan of chemicals and toxins in my home, so I even make my own cleaning supplies.

My kids know what a lavender essential oil blend and wouldn’t be able to point out a Tylenol bottle from a store shelf. And the last time I had to take my kids to the Doctor was a year ago because I use natural remedies for common ailments.

All this makes me a target – I am the target of assumptions and misconceptions. It’s assumed that I let my kids suffer in pain because I don’t use Tylenol. It’s assumed that I must not be sentimental enough because I don’t wear artificial scents. It’s assumed that I don’t care as much about my children, because I don’t rush them to the Doctor for a prescription the moment they sneeze. Oh and ofcourse that I am depriving them of childhood enjoyments such as more candy and places like McDonald’s.


Because I question everything, I make choices based on solid information. I research, I read, I ask, I ask again and I make informed decisions. So instead of taking a medicine with artificial coloring, my kids get a homemade herbal syrup with pure and natural ingredients. Instead of the Happy Meal with the Super Sized fries and coke, my kids get a gluten-free almond butter and raw honey sandwich made at home. 


Because I want them to be healthy and as toxin-free as possible. Because I want to teach them that what goes INTO their bodies matter. And to empower them to know how to use our earth’s gifts for healing and health. Because even with our amazing progress in modern medicine, we actually have MORE sick people in hospitals and people getting ill than we have ever before. Hm. Interesting.

So call me crazy, call me a granola hippie (hey I don’t own a store called Granola Babies for nothing!), but me and my happy kids and family are keeping it real. As in real foods, real ingredients and real living…naturally.

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