Infusing Herbs

Infusing oils is my favorite way to get the therapeutic goodness out of the herbs and into my personal care products like my body oils, salves and creams. I have oils infusing right now both at Granola Babies store where I happen to have a fabulous sunny window and also at my home near my herb garden.

How to infused oils

When infusing oils it’s better to use dried herbs. The reason is the water content of fresh plant material has a higher chance of making your oils go rancid. If you use fresh herbs you’ll want to dry the plant before using it for at least 24-48 hours. But, either way this is why I prefer to use dried herbs for my oils – it’s so much easier. I also use organic herbs and from the absolute best resources. All of the herbs I infused are also available to purchase at Granola Babies.

I prefer uncomplicated and simple methods when infusing herbs. I simply take a glass jar (making sure that it’s bone dry) and I add herbs to fill the glass jar 3/4 of the way  (a little more if using fresh herbs) and then I add my oil (usually olive oil since it’s so full of good things for me) and fill it up to the top of the jar. I then take a knife and mix the oil to release any air bubbles. If I’m using fresh plants then I will cover it with cloth and hold the cloth at the top with a rubber band. I leave it like for the next two days so that any moisture can escape. But, if I’m using dried herbs I just put the lid on it. Then set the jar near a sunny window or outside with full sun. I shake my jar every single day to move the herbs around and also to infuse it with positive energy. And while I’ve seen recipes to infuse for only three weeks I prefer to infuse my oils for 6-8 weeks since more of the herb is infused into my oil when left for that long. I also like to open the jar and smell my oils, which I do for the first week or so, to make sure that the oil is not getting mold or becoming rancid.

After 6-8 weeks I strain my oil really well with a cloth and store it in an amber color glass jar and store in a cool dark cabinet. Be sure to always label your oils that are infusing and also to label when strained.

And now the oils are filled with the magical properties of the herbs and ready to use. Enjoy!

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