Is a diaper rash normal?

Well, they are in that they happen. But, a diaper rash is not a normal condition. If your baby has one, it’s because she’s reacting to something and one of the symptoms of the reaction is the diaper rash. So, how do you determine what caused the diaper rash?

Here’s are some common causes of diaper rash:

Food Sensitivities: If your baby eats or drinks something that doesn’t agree with his system, you’ll see the result in many ways, such as gas or upset stomach, but often times you see the affect in a diaper rash. The best way to determine if it’s food is to keep a food diary, which will help you figure out what you (if you’re nursing) or your baby ate/drank that may have caused the reaction.

Chemicals: A baby’s skin is sensitive, so if you place chemicals on the skin it could react by breaking out in a rash. If you use disposable diapers and you are dealing with rashes often, consider switching brands or using cloth diapers instead. You may also want to switch detergents to one that is free and clear or has plant based detergents.

Cloth Diaper Build Up: If cloth diaper and find yourself suddenly dealing with rashes and you know it’s not food related or your detergent, then it could be build up in your cloth diapers. This usually happens because too much detergent is used and/or more rinsing is needed with a wash.

Diaper changes: Because your baby’s skin is sensitive, it’s best to change diapers often. If your baby sits with urine or poop for too long, the skin could get irritated and cause a rash.

So, let’s say your baby has a rash. What to do to clear it?

  • Determine what caused the rash and avoid the irritant.
  • Air has been the best cure for diaper rashes for centuries. Leave your baby diaper less even for 20 minutes throughout the day and you’ll notice a big difference in the rash.
  • Diaper salve with healing oils and herbs, as well as coconut oil can be really soothing for diaper rashes.

Some of our favorites for diaper rashes

Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush Salve


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