Living Small

Our new house is small. And by small I mean small. It’s 1000 sq ft with three bedrooms. And that’s for a family of 6, mind you. But, you know what? We love it. However, when it comes to living small, storage and keeping things at minimal is key. And most importantly, everything needs to serve a purpose.

I recently bought used a coffee table that while it serves the usual purpose of a coffee table, it also serves as additional storage with the built-in shelving it has. I keep children books in it as well as whatever wrap I’m currently using with the baby so that it’s an easy reach from nursing on the sofa to wrapping him up.

Since the house doesn’t have a lot of storage space, our other pieces of furniture also have to serve useful purposes. The bookcase in the dining room (which we’ve had forever now) holds my cook books and natural living/wellness books and also houses our arts and crafts supplies (for both me and the kids) and my homeschooling books and the kids main lesson books.

I love using baskets and have them scattered about the house, each one serving as storage bins. In my daughter’s room, where she has open built-in shelving, I use baskets to for her playsilks, her crochet supplies, her dolls and other toys.

And in the living room, even the baskets under the coffee table are for more than decoration. In these you’ll find more wraps and ring slings that I use with the baby.

Having a small house means I really need to think about what comes in and what stays because space is limited but it also means that what we do have – we use. And that’s a benefit of small living.



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