Making Herbal Syrup

I love making herbal syrups. I use herbs for their various purposes that I need when making herbal syrups. And as I make my herbal syrup I think of the intention of why I’m making it.  And one of my most loved reasons in making herbal remedies is the wonderful scent that covers my kitchen as my herbs simmer.

I use herbal syrups for myself and for my children. And because I find them so easy to make, I can customize my herbal syrup from using it to colds to simply making a bed time herbal syrup for relaxation. However to make herbal you should know your herb well. So if this is your first time making herbal syrup, start simple with just one herb. Get to know the herb (organic loose herbs are available here) in tea form, what it tastes like, how it makes you feel. Read more about your herb and what properties it has. And then finally make your herbal syrup and taste it yourself knowing now your herb quite well. If you’re local to Southern California, check our calendar of events for Natural Living Classes that are hosted each month.

How to Make Herbal Syrup

Add herbs (dried or fresh) to your pot.

Cover herbs with water.

Mix the herbs into the water.

Bring your herbs to just a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Simmer herbs on stove top until liquid is reduced by half. This could take 20 minutes, 40 minutes…an hour…there’s no time limit. You really are just going to simmer until the liquid is simply reduced by half. Stay near your stove however so you can make sure the herbs are not boiling, but are always only simmering.

Here’s what my herbs looked like when reduced by half. I usually have a ring of the herbs where it started and so it’s a good telling line for me to know when it’s reduced by half.

Straining time ~ once reduced by half it’s time to strain your herbs. It’s very important to make sure you don’t have any herb particles in your liquid once strained. So, I like to use a good size glass measuring cup and a flat cloth diaper (that I use for this purpose) over the glass. It’s tightly woven and so no herb particles make it through. Cheese cloth doesn’t work well for this as the weave is too loose and herbs get through.

Pour your liquid and your herbs into the cloth.

And then twist the cloth in your hand making sure to squeeze out every bit of the liquid.

Once strained, measure how much liquid you have in your measuring cup and then pour back into the pot (that you’ve removed/washed away any herb particles from).

Next add honey to preserve ~ you can also use maple syrup if unable to use honey.

I use the ratio of 1: 1/2 so if I have one cup of herbal liquid, than I use 1/2 cup of honey.

Pour the honey (or maple syrup) into the pot and place the pot on low-medium heat. Stir with a spoon until the honey is well dissolved.

Once your herbal syrup (which won’t really be “syrup”-like actually) cools down, store it in a dark colored jar and label your jar properly.

And you’re done!


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