Making homemade granola

Making granola is easy but it’s also so much  more nutritious to make your own than to buy a prepackaged granola. When I make my own I’m able to add superfoods to powerpack our breakfast. I also use it to add to yogurt and it makes a really yummy snack too.

I don’t measure when I make granola. I make it slightly different each time just going by what I have at home. Simply go by what looks good to you and add what you have at home. And then pick up some more goodies to add on your next grocery trip.

The two must-have ingredients I use are oatmeal and honey and then the rest is up to you! I always add a nut, I most of the time add coconut flakes, always flaxseed, and usually a dried fruit.

Add oatmeal to a bowl

Add grounded flaxseed

Add a nut (I happen to add pumpkin seeds)

Add coconut flakes

Mix well and add honey then mix again really well (I sometimes mix the honey in with my hands to work it throughout the oatmeal)

Spread as evenly as possible on a baking sheet (I lined mine with unbleached parchment paper)

Bake for 5-10 minutes on 350F until golden brown (I also like to stir it once while it’s baking)

While it’s baking I cut up any dried fruits I’m going to add later (today I added dates)

Once it’s baked, add the fruits, stir well and store in a glass jar.

And enjoy!




What’s your granola recipe? Post here a link to your granola recipe on your blog.

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