Making homemade pasta

When I make pasta I feel the need to have Italian music in the background, a glass of red wine and to be in a Mediterranean kitchen on hill over looking the sea.

However I’m not quite there.

I’m in a different but equally blissful place surrounded by my kids who each need to have a turn and so the event becomes a memorable afternoon project with the reward of eating delicious pasta we made ourselves. Molto delizioso!

The basic recipe for pasta

3 parts flour
2 parts eggs

That’s it. Add more flour if it’s too sticky, add more eggs (or water) if it’s too dry. I made ours with whole wheat flour.

Now, let’s make some pasta.

Add the flour (I did it on my wooden board but a bowl would work just as well if not better)

Make a little well in your flour so you can add the eggs. Then cover the eggs with the flour.

Start kneading the dough until it’s no longer sticky and it’s smooth.

And keep kneading until it’s soft and pliable.  I separated the dough into separate balls since the kids wanted their own to knead and roll. Before you start rolling though let the dough sit for 30-60 minutes wrapped in cloth so that it can soften and make rolling a lot easier.

Now you can start rolling your dough. We don’t have a pasta maker so we rolled by hand.

And keep rolling (each of my kids had to roll so this was an afternoon project which I loved) until the dough is thin and then rub some flour on the dough.

Roll the dough into a pinwheel and cut to the width you’d like. We made ours like a thick linguini.

Carefully unroll the pasta. In this picture my three year old is unrolling pasta ever so carefully but since he’s three much of what he unrolled broke. If it was long enough pieces it went in with the other pasta and if it was too small it went back into the dough to be rolled again.

And then lay your pasta down on a cloth or a pasta hanger.

Later that evening we cooked our pasta and ate it with Spinach pesto (sample recipe here).

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