Nursing Clothing and Babywearig

When nursing and babywearing, what to wear often becomes an important question. There are numerous nursing tops available in the market, also regular tops can work quite well for nursing while babywearing.

Boob tops are super cute and have a front layer that is raised for nursing access. There are a variety of styles, including short sleeves, long sleeves and tank tops. If you are wearing your baby in any baby carrier and need to nurse, you’d just lift the top layer, undo your nursing bra and then latch baby on. You’ll be covered both at the top, because of the top layer that is raised and also your torso is fully covered. It’s one of the most discreet nursing tops available and it doesn’t hurt that they are so practical!

Glamour Mom also makes nursing tank tops that also serve as your nursing bra. And not long ago also came out with a long sleeve V-neck t-shirt. You can wear a Glamour Mom tank top on its own or you can put it on under a regular top. When wearing it under a regular top, you’d raise your top from bottom up or top down, depending on the neckline and then undo the hook of the Glamour Mom tank top and latch baby on. If you are wearing the Glamour Mom tank alone, then it’s even easier, as all you have to do is undo the clip at the top and latch baby on.

You can also use your regular tops if you don’t want to invest in nursing tops. Purchasing tops with v-necks or curved necklines allow you to simply pull down the top, undo nursing bra and latch baby on while babywearing in any baby carrier. You can also wear a tank top underneath a regular top for nursing. When doing that, you’d pull up your regular top and pull down the tank top. It pretty much replicates the Glamour Mom tank top under a regular top, but in this case, you’d also need a nursing bra under your regular tank top.

Another way is to wear a belly top under a regular top. In that case, you’d pull up your regular top and your torso would be fully covered. I did this for a few years and then switched to wearing v-necks and curved necklines so that I can pull down.

Hopefully one of these ways will allow you nurse comfortably, while babywearing and make babywearing for you even that much more convenient! Feel free to post comments with your tips on nursing clothing and babywearing.

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