Our feverish day

Today my daughter woke up with a fever and so we did what we normally do when one of the kids has a fever ~ nothing.  I like Dr. Sears advice – treat the child not the fever that he talks about here (only exception is that on the rare times we reduce a fever, I don’t use over the counter medicines). With the exception of a new baby and any other symptoms that are with the fever, I take a fever as a sign that we need to rest, be as comfortable as possible and let the body do it’s work. So, here was a glimpse of our day.

I kept her comfortable, she laid on the sofa most of the day, had oranges, yogurt and also I made her tea with honey, lemon and Oregon Grape Root herb. She was tired most of the day, as fevers do that to your body (another sign to just rest, rest, rest) and missed going to school (loves her Waldorf school). Tonight she is sleeping in our bed and I’m caring for her sore throat with the herbal honey syrup I make and also peppermint oil blended well with olive oil so that she can sleep well tonight.

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