Summertime Babywearing – Keeping it cool

Ah, summer is here and the sun is out. We love summer, but sometimes babywearing + summer = sweaty and hot. This doesn’t mean that babywearing has to end in the summer time. We’ve used baby carriers all summer long in both hot and humid climates as well as dry heat.

Here are our cooler options for carrying your little one in the summer time.

Cool summer time babywearingSakura Bloom Pure Ring Sling

A ring sling is a go-to baby carrier for summer babywearing. And a Sakura Bloom Pure Ring Sling is essential. It’s easy to adjust, made of linen (think breathable), and the tail doubles as sun protection. We think every parent should have a Sakura Bloom ring sling – especially for summer!

BabyHawk Mei Tai

During summer months, a mei tai usually is my go-to baby carrier because the straps keep me cool and the panel of the BabyHawk Mei Tai isn’t thick. It also folds down really small, which I like for summer time when I want to carry around as little as possible.

Vatanai Woven Wraps

Vatanai woven wraps are perfect for summer wrapping. A woven wrap that is soft, breathable and very supportive. If you’re average size, then your size is a 4.5m. More on the petite size? Then a 4.0m. And if you’re plus size like many of us, then you’d get a 5.0m or 5.5m.

Ergo Sport Baby Carrier

The Ergo Sport Baby Carrier was designed as a summer and sport use, since it has a lighter, cooler body. One of the best options for cool soft structured carriers for the summer!

Here are more tips for keeping cool this summer ~ wear light color, single layer, thinner tops while babywearing. And keep baby dressed down as well. Remember to accommodate for the baby carrier with your clothing – for example, tank top for you, onesie for baby.

Enjoy carrying your baby this summer!

– written by Giselle Baturay, the Granola Mama

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