The need for gentle sleep coaching

Sleep Coaching


For years, I've been teaching parents and parents-to-be the steps to take for healthy sleep for their little ones. Let's face it, lack of sleep is like a cascade of things going badly.  Having a child that isn't getting sufficient sleep affects how one parents, how a child develops, how they interact during the day, their ability to interact with those around them and so many other parts of their lives. I know this from experience, having seen it so many times with the parents at Granola Babies. I'd often get asked where to go for sleep help. And I'd find myself not being able to actually recommend anyone; because their philosophy was based "by a book" way or didn't give enough care to the importance of maintaining the trust between child and parent.

Being trained in so many different layers of prenatal and postpartum education, as well as being a mother of four, along with having already helped hundreds with this very topic, I've decided it's time to offer this much needed service. Working together with the parent, I learn the dynamics of the family, what's working and what's not, what is happening with sleep, the lifestyle of the family, the goals for their child, the characteristics and life of their little one and so many other components that help me coach a family to achieve their sleep goals.

It's available for everyone, regardless of location. I'm most excited about being able to help families all over the world. It kind of brings me back to how we began, as an online boutique, providing a service to families from all over the USA, as well as those outside the States. Healthy sleep goals isn't something just for some families, it's a need for all families and we're here to help.

Our Approach

I understand that every family is different, that every child is different. There's simply never going to be a one-way-fits all approach to something as unique as sleep dynamics. My approach is to learn about you and your child before meeting with you, so that I have a clear understanding of what's happening with sleep. I'll send you a questionnaire with over 20 questions that will jump-start the sleep coaching. And I'll read carefully through it, before we meet. This process is included complimentary as part of all the packages.

After reviewing the answers you've provided on the questionnaire, I will meet with you, in-person or remotely through phone or Skype, to get a deep understanding of the details of the sleep situation. While someone may think the only issue is, for example, night wakings or missing naps, I see it from a holistic approach. In my approach to sleep coaching, I will look at what's happening (i.e. the night wakings) as something more closely interconnected with the whole. And will coach you to make the connections and find the solutions that will correct the sleep issues for the long-term while keeping the full trust between parent and child. My approach will empower you, educate you on healthy sleep habits and together find solutions that work for your child, your family and your lifestyle.

If you have questions about this service and wondering if it's a good fit for you, reach out. I'd be more than happy to answer your questions.



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