Vetiver: Connecting with the Earth

Vetiver - the Earthy Essential Oil

This essential oil connect us to earth’s energies. It is a source of vital energy and regeneration. The earthy fragrance of the oil supports all of those who have lost touch with the art and their roots. – S. Fischer-Rizzi in Complete Aromatherapy Handbook

And how very true this is! Vetiver is earth, roots, wood, dirt. It’s the scent of earth and of nature. It brings you in and invites you to be a part of it. It’s used in India to weave fans and windows coverings so the breeze of a summer day can bring in the aromas of Vetivers.

Vetiver grounds you. It’s an essential oil that is used for weeping PMS and depression. And because of it’s strength Vetiver essential oil is used to encourage our skin to refresh and renew – it’s a lovely addition to an essential oil facial elixir for maturing skin.

Vetiver is a visionary – it clears the mind. A few drops of Vetiver diffused during meditation can bring inspiration.

Breathe is it in and feel it’s warmth and the earth.

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