Playgroups for Ages 0 - 3 years

It's playgroup day! Mothers look forward each week to this day. It's the day you see your new community of friends, make yourself some tea, sit in our comfortable studio and learn and discuss all the topics that are important to you as a parent.

Our playgroups are judgement-free and inviting. As a mother of four, Giselle Baumet, owner of Granola Babies, understands motherhood. She knows that our children come first, but that we as parents, need to be nurtured as well. That's what our playgroups are all about.

Children bring an energy to a space - an energy that's full of life and magical. And Granola Babies playgroups uphold that with natural, non-toxic and imaginative toys for play.

You and your little one will enjoy your weeks at Granola Babies playgroup ~ and we look forward to seeing you there!

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