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Because continuing with the same does not work.


Get unstuck.


It’s time for something different.


You may have a picture of what you want to bring into the world. Many do.

But, you often get stuck with invisible (and sometimes visible) mental barriers.

These may show up in inner and outer conflicts, fears, and doubts.

You make progress, and then your fears cloud your clarity.

You end up staying stagnant.

You find yourself having to ask everyone for their opinions on your next steps.

Feeling unsure how to confidently tap into your own inner wisdom.

How do I know this?

For years I’ve worked with creators and life visionaries who got stuck in their human experience.

I’ve been there when relationships started to suffer, when their vision for their business felt distant, and when life got messy.

Working with me, you peel away the unblocks, clearing the way towards your self-realization.

Self-realization frees you to catapult your progress and results.

Together, we redefine your narrative

Take a moment to visualize this with me.


Imagine waking up, with a clear vision of what you desire and how to get there.

Imagine feeling ready to bring your ideas to life. Confidently. The doubts and fears are gone.

Imagine a life where you’re unstuck. Creativity flows. You are able to align your vision to your daily purpose.

Less confusion, less doubts, less fears.

More focus. More clarity.

You’re seeing results.

Imagine every day feels more exciting. You’re working towards your goals, and seeing results.

You’re no longer stuck, your aspirations align with your personal well-being.

How would it feel to have that in your life?


mindset coach


Giselle Baumet
Mindset Coach | Transpersonal Hypnotherapist


Make lasting change through subconscious work.

Create lasting change through deep subconscious work.

I’m Giselle Baumet. Back when we didn’t have as many social networks as we do today, I founded a successful start-up at a time when my niche was foreign to many.

I then went on to implement my techniques with visionaries to start and grow their communities.

At the same time, many of my previous clients came to me to clear their blocks in their personal lives, which brought them into self-realization.

I have been there for each roller-coaster ride that is the life of those that have so much potential, yet are stuck in their human experience.

And I have seen how getting stuck, gets your desires stuck as well.

With this deep knowing, I help creative individuals get unstuck and achieve radical success in their mission.

And we work through aligning your conscious and subconscious mind to move forward.

One thing I know about you is that you have limitless potential and a lot more in you than you have yet discovered.

To make significant changes, we must work with both the mind and the subconscious mind.

When you’re stuck in the mind, you’re also stuck in life. Your relationships, business, and life suffers.

To pivot, innovate, and lead in wisdom, you must align the subconscious with the conscious mind.

It’s more than shifting to a positive mindset. You also need to unblock and shift your belief system.

It’s about putting together the right mix of inner ingredients that create a beautiful, successful life.

It’s co-creation of your most visionary self.

What do invisible mental barriers look like in your life?


You feel overwhelmed.

Too many decisions are impacting your life’s vision, it’s easy to feel unsure.

The fears and doubts often leave you feeling unheard, misunderstood, and isolated in both your professional and personal life.

You start to feel physically burnout:

The hustle never stops, and neither do you.

But this relentless pace can erode your energy.

Sleep evades, and even though you put on a brave front, internally, exhaustion rules.

And the worst part is that all the work isn’t leading to the results you want.

You feel disconnected from true self:

You drift from your core, your spirit.

You’re more than just strategies and conflicts, you’re a being with depth and purpose.

But sometimes, in the chaos, that essence feels distant.

You are sure that if you felt more solid, you’d have more clarity.

How to Find What Makes You Happy

Solution: Beyond the Basics with Transpersonal Life Coaching

I use a unique blend of Transpersonal Life Coaching, which reaches both the conscious and  subconscious mind.

This is where true change happens – the subconscious level.

Your subconscious mind holds various beliefs and perceptions that control the experience of self and others.

This is great if you have a subconscious full of positive and abundant beliefs.

But, if you’re like 99% of people, your subconscious has beliefs and patterns that keep you in a negative loop.

I don’t focus on superficial changes you can find on Google but on conscious and subconscious work.

Your inner world creates your outer world. It’s how all parts of your life become happier and in creative living.

In Transpersonal Life Coach, you receive specific tools that work with both the conscious and subconscious mind.

You start to see the results in how you think, your actions, and your success in your projects.


Unlock inner wisdom you didn’t know you had.


Create new beliefs that move you forward. And change past patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you from scaling or innovating ideas in your life.

Unblock emotions that stop you from peak performance. Lead your life with authority and authenticity.

Stronger decision-making clarity to make better decisions for your short and long-term goals.

Navigate changes in your power. And develop resilience against rejection and failure, turning setbacks into setups for greater achievements.

Find a sustainable work-life balance, ensuring passion doesn’t translate into burnout.

Target core issues and plan solutions for lasting change. Lay the groundwork for growth for your radical self-realization.

Overhaul outdated beliefs and establish empowering narratives. Reinforce your adaptability and creativity in your life.

Experience real, measurable results in your life. Discover hidden intrinsic strengths and resources to drive your vision to completion.


Q1: How long is the duration of the coaching program?

There are three main program options: intensives, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.

Q2: What outcomes can I expect from this coaching program?

Results vary based on your dedication, but expect profound shifts in mindset, clarity in vision, and tangible progress in your life.

Q3: How does this program differ from other coaching programs?

Intuitive Coaching: Not only is your coaching customized for you, but it’s done through the process of a deep energetic connection where I tap into your unique needs.

Holistic Approach: I look at the bigger picture, aligning your mind, body, and spirit.

Beyond Standard Life Coaching: With NLP, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, and Breathwork you receive a deeper level of coaching.

On Your Side: My commitment doesn’t end with the sessions. I provide tools, resources, and continuous support during the time you work with me, including email and text support

mindset coaching

Ready to pivot from potential to unmatched progress?


Elevate your vision.

Your self-realization catapults your relationships, work, and life.

Start the transformation today.

Because every legacy starts with a single, definitive step.

Are you ready to take yours?

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