Stories are the thread of a community.

Use my deep understanding of the human experience to create a stronger bond between your brand and community using human-centric marketing and copywriting strategies.
Giselle Baumet


Results Based Experience

UX Writing

giselle baumet community management
giselle baumet community management

Content Writing and Copywriting

giselle baumet portfolio

Challenge: Aspect Real Estate lacked visitors to their website. 

Solution: I created various articles that were SEO optimized and geared to their potential clients (local business owners). 

Result: Website received 900% increase in visitors in the following three months.

giselle baumet portfolio

Challenge: Piper + Enza, a parenting wellness start-up, wanted to create wellness content that resonated with parents.

Solution: I wrote various articles that were then used in email list blasts, socials, and for lead generation.

Result: Email sign-ups and website readership increased with each article.

giselle baumet portfolio

Challenge: Formless, a web3 content distribution start-up, needed content that connected to emerging artists and help increase their Discord community.

Solution: I wrote stories on their featured artists, after interviewing each one, and created copy that resonated to creators.

Result: Discord and social engagement doubled through the various content I created for both articles and socials.

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