Sleep Concepts for Healthy Baby Sleep (Online Class)



Learn the evidence-based sleep concepts for healthy pediatric sleep.


If you can answer "Yes" to any of these, then this course is for you.


  • Baby won't take all naps or any at all.
  • Baby wakes up during the night and requires you in order to fall back asleep.
  • Baby needs to be held until completely asleep for naps and/or bedtime.
  • Baby cannot be put down awake for naps or bedtime and calmly fall asleep (without tears).
  • You're hoping for better sleep without using crying-it-out.
  • You co-sleep and would like to move baby to a crib.
  • You co-sleep and would like to continue but still sleep train.
  • You want to learn what you can do to improve your baby's sleep and in a gentle way.
  • You're ready to make changes towards better sleep.


Sign up today to learn better sleep concepts. This is the online course that all of my sleep clients receive and now you have access to it as well.


Course includes content that teaches you everything you need to know to establish healthy sleep for your child. It also includes a download of the Daily Log to use in tracking your own progress as you begin to implement healthy sleep changes.