Conquer Fears in Pregnancy and Birth (Virtual Class)


Did you take a childbirth education class but are still dealing with fears about the pregnancy or upcoming labor?

Common fears I've heard through the years of teaching include fears around pain, tearing, episiotomy, labor options, not achieving birth wishes/plans, partner relationship, becoming a mother, as well as others.

It's normal to have fears. But a lot of times we tend to want to dismiss them or are told they aren't a big deal. "Don't worry about that!” Heard that before? Ignoring fears or dismissing them does not help. They will find their way back to our minds again. Instead...conquer them.

Here's why it's important to conquer fears in pregnancy and labor

By now, you may know that fears have a way of affecting us negatively by increasing our stress hormones and affecting our labor process.

Our bodies are designed to work with our instincts, in that when you experience fears in labor, your body wants to "lock up" and freeze as a way to protect you from the fear you're experiencing.  And research shows that stress hormones experienced in pregnancy and labor can pass on to our infants, increasing their level of stress hormones as well.

Learn to Conquer Pregnancy and Labor Fears

If you're still processing fears around your pregnancy and upcoming labor...this class is for you.

There are fears in pregnancy and labor that do not serve us. Those fears get in the way of your power without improving your pregnancy and labor experience. I call those fears a waste of mind space. They can be stubborn, but they are useless to us.


This specialized workshop is for pregnant people to conquer and remove fears around pregnancy and birth. It's not a childbirth education class.  It's a class that will focus on fears: identifying, acknowledging, processing and removing. It's designed for those that have already taken a childbirth class, but want to go further by removing their fears.

You do not need to go through pregnancy or labor having fears. You have the ability to remove them.

Class Format

Class happens live via Zoom and taught by Giselle Baumet. It includes open discussions, techniques for removing fears, making informed decisions, journal work and guided meditation, as well as evidence-based ways to conquer your fears.

Class will be recorded so that you have the ability to access after the class.

Also available as a private workshop scheduled at a time that mutually works for both of us.


Workshop is for the birthing person only.