Energy Healing / Clearing

Energy Work for Healing and Clearing

Crystal Reiki (In-Person or Distance)

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing and balance that along with Crystals can produce positive shifts and changes within you.

Cultures have used crystals for thousands of years as a way to transfer positive energy. When I was a kid in Dominican Republic, crystals, herbs, and energy work was a way of life. Not only are crystals beautiful but they are energetically powerful.

60 Minutes :: $125

Balance Your Chakras (In-Person or Distance)

The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit and means "wheel". It's your spiritual energy center within your body. Our chakras heal and enlighten us. Chakras are within our energy body and balancing them allows us to channel energy to our fullest potential and in all aspects of our lives.

45 Minutes :: $95

House Clearing (In-Person or Distance)

Have you ever felt that your home energy/vibe/feel seems "off"? I recommend house clearing in any new move, during any major disruption in the home, at times even when you've rearrange your furniture or any time that your home seems to not be in balance. Together we will create a grid of energy protection within your home.

1 - 3 Hours (depending on size of home) :: Please contact me.

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