Tapestry Summit: The Interwoven Journey of Pregnancy, Baby, and Motherhood

The Birth of You

Tapestry (formerly known as OC Pregnancy and Beyond) is a day for pregnant people and mothers to come together and experience a time of inspiring, mindful workshops and to get to know the community that will support her through her growth and awareness in her journey through pregnancy and motherhood.

Grab your friend and come...we're about to get REAL in motherhood!

Sunday, September 13, 2020, 10am - 4pm
Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California


Intertwined. Connected.

That's exactly what a pregnant person and mother experience... the various threads of her identity mixed with the newness of who she is becoming... of what she will be. Tapestry.

Not only is her spirit intertwined with her new emerging identity, but she's also connected to other mothers, in her community and around the world.

The mission of Tapestry is a beautiful, inspiring day of healing, growth, and awareness in pregnancy and motherhood. This is what Tapestry: The Interwoven Journey of Pregnancy, Baby, and Motherhood represents.


Tapestry Summit Workshops Include

  • The Emerging Identity as a MotherMindfulness for Mothers
  • Intuition: learning how to access this magical gift
  • Getting Ready for Birth Day
  • The Science of Baby Sleep
  • Babywearing: the how-to and practicality in daily life
  • Healing Birth : Transforming Trauma Culture
  • Parenting Through Toddlerhood
  • Building Strong Relationships with School Age Children
  • Yoga through Pregnancy and Motherhood
  • Fears, Guilt, Expectations: The Reality and Overcoming these in Pregnancy and Motherhood
  • Brain Development of the Child: womb through the first five years of life.
  • Simplicity in Motherhood
  • and more!



Past and Current Vendors

Interested in supporting this mission as a vendor or sponsor? Please contact Giselle Baumet at giselle@gisellebaumet.com.