Giselle Baumet

My name is Giselle Baumet and I spent hours, days, and years learning everything about our human experience so that I could give the knowledge away to others.

The essence of a community is understanding our human experience.

It’s in realizing that everything about us is connected in some way.

We all want to feel heard and seen—all of us.

Understand the human experience, and you have what you need to connect to others through your words, actions, and how you present yourself in the world, whether you’re an individual or an organization.

Luckily, I’m obsessed with this concept. And have spent years in training, starting with a childhood that emerged in spirituality and human connections and over ten years of building and growing communities.

I get to do work I love, whether teaching for a hospital or midwifery, helping humans learn how to be calm and happy people, and helping tech start-ups emerge as authorities in their specialties.

Not bad for a kid from the Dominican Republic, sent parent-less to the Bronx in NYC, experienced traumas that would blow people’s minds, and now live a life full of joy, happiness, celebration, pleasure, and love.

But this wasn’t always my state of being.

For most of my adult life, I experienced deep depression, attempted twice to take my own life, and felt no one understood me. As a result, my lows were low, and my highs felt fleeting.

My inability to sustain happiness stemmed from generational trauma, parent abandonment in my youth, extreme poverty, and physical and emotional abuse before I was even a young adult.

It caused me to feel unworthy, unloved, and unwanted for most of my life and to seek belonging and a sense of love in others.

The trauma affected not just me but my siblings, and my younger brother, unable to process his, reverted to drugs and alcohol to escape his inner pain. Eventually, this led to him committing murder and killing himself in a self-inflicted gunshot, which I felt responsible for for years, since I had been unable to help him.

Then over months, one summer, my life changed, and I pieced together the meaning of my life and purpose and connected deeply to my magic.

My lows were no longer as lows, and my highs felt like my norm. I learned to deeply love myself and in turn better loved everyone else around me. I finally had peace, calm, and a strong sense of wellness within.

I now write on the intersection of happiness research and spirituality and give it away, because I know that if I exist, millions of others do, and we need this.

It’s a good life for a good life, and I’m thrilled to live one.

With love,



  • Marketing Bachelor’s of Science, Rhode Island College
  • Perinatal Mental Health Specialist with Postpartum International
  • Certified Life Coach with the renowned Black-owned Academy of Creative Coaching
  • Breathwork and Pranayama Facilitator with Ram Jain of Arhanta Yoga Academy
  • Transpersonal Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute
  • Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute
  • Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Childbirth with the American Hypnosis Association
  • Cultural Awareness training
  • Baby Friendly Initiative (created by World Health Organization and UNICEF) educator to nurses at various hospitals.

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Email: [email protected]

Please note that to honor my creative energy, I do not provide complimentary coaching. 

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