The Subtle, Yet Powerful Way to Manifest Faster

Manifest Faster

The basis of manifestation is quite simple in theory.

  1. You have a desire.

  2. You feel into it.

  3. You trust that it will happen.

  4. You maintain this feeling and trust.

And it will unfold into your life.


It’s Universal law that it will appear in your life.

So, where does it go wrong for so many? Because chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re trying to manifest something, and you may feel a little frustrated that it hasn’t shown up in your life.

how to manifest faster

You followed the rules of manifestation. So, where is it??

There is a subtle, but blocking mistake that is often made in the attempt to manifest a strong desire into your life.

And when you make the shift that I’ll go over in this article, you’ll find that your manifestations appear much faster than you can imagine.

To explain this subtle mistake in manifestation, I’ll share a story that will give you the learning within the story. I like this story since it’s simple, yet one that you’ll see in your own life and better understand how to manifest faster.


What Prevents You from Manifesting Faster

This past July, my four children went on vacation with their dad to the Mediterranean sea. Their trip was to be two and a half (long) weeks, and that had been the longest I have ever been separated from my children.

At first, I was sad. It was hard for me to see the good in this time away. Friends said things like, “You get to live it up!” which was with good intentions, but at this time in my life, I’m more into meditating than I am into going out into late hours of the night. I’m in bed by 9:30 pm, happily so!

But, since there was nothing I could change about the reality of my kids being gone for so long, I decided to be in acceptance. And I asked myself how I could best use this time on my own.

What came to me in meditation was to spend the time in deep inner learnings and connection with Source and my Spirit Guides. I received inner guidance that there were new spiritual learnings that would come from this time.

I spent much time alone and connecting with nature, in particular the ocean. For the first time in my life, I was in meditation for hours during the day and received an abundance of new spiritual guidance and learning. To say that it was powerful would be an understatement!

One of the new learnings was about our ability as humans to create. And by create, I mean what is commonly referred to as manifest.

So, I decided to test this out.


how to manifest faster

The Key to Manifesting Quickly

There was a day that I would be primarily on my own. Yet, I desired to laugh with someone. Not to laugh watching a show or on social media, but to laugh with another human being.

I placed that desire in the morning, and since it felt so simple, I forgot about it.

I left my house once during the day for a quick grocery run and again. And since I had forgotten of my request in the morning, I didn’t think about the fact that during that trip, I had not laughed with anyone. It didn’t even cross my mind.

Later that night, my daughter called me from the resort they were staying in, and in our conversation, we both ended up laughing, very hard, and quite enjoyably so!

When I went to be an hour later, I did a mental recap of my day and remembered my request to laugh with someone that morning.

I smiled in gratitude for not only did I laugh with someone, but I laughed with one of my favorite people.

A couple of days later, it was my day to go to the gym. I had a desire that morning that I wanted to interact with someone at the gym.

Now, one thing you should know about me and the gym is that I go to be solo and in my own mental space. I rarely talk to anyone at the gym.

Last year a guy and I chatted randomly about powerlifting, and in that conversation, he said to me, “I’ve seen you here for about three years and you never talk to anyone!” Yes, sir, noted and very accurate.

When I placed my desire in the morning, I forgot about it. Again, even though I rarely chat with anyone at the gym, it is still a place full of people, so my request seemed very simple. I had no reason to keep thinking about it during the day.

The moment I walked into the gym, I saw my friend Cato. We had a lovely chat about his birthday, my upcoming trip with my kids the next month, and life in general.

It wasn’t until later that night that I realized my desire manifested. I had an interaction with someone at the gym.

Fast forward a few days later, I was going to one of my favorite magical beaches in Southern California. The last time I went, I had parked where I could back my semi-converted SUV day camper right in front of the ocean and spend an entire day surfing, journaling, and listening to the waves.

So, when I woke up that morning, I asked to get the same or better parking spot.

Now, this magical beach is known by many. However, to get to the beach, one usually waits in a line of cars for about an hour. So, the chances of getting that spot or better seemed slim.

But by this time, I had experienced two simple manifestations with ease, so I said to myself, everything always works out for me, and I didn’t think more about it.

Finally, it was my turn to drive down to the beach after waiting in a line of cars for over an hour. And as I pulled into the parking area, a car pulled out, right in front of me, at the same spot I had last time.

I smiled as I realized that, once again, my request was easily fulfilled.

Naturally, this prompted me to wonder – if these requests were so easily flipped and quickly, why are my other bigger desires not yet present in my life?

I went for answers in a deep meditative state, where I asked Source and my Spirit Guides to provide the solution.

In my meditation, I conversed with a guide that was in human form, seemed ancestral, with long, gray beard and hair, elderly, and with beautiful melanated skin.

I said to him, “Why did these come so quickly, but my other desires are not yet in my life?”

And he said to me, “These desires that you brought to your reality in the last week and considered simple are the same to us as your other desires that you want to manifest. We do not see any difference between wanting someone to laugh with that day and desiring a beach house.¬†

However, when you place an order of difficulty to your desires, such as one being simple and the other being “big”, you tell us to make it seem harder to give you these other desires. And to make it seem easy to provide you with these desires that you consider simple.

But, in reality, they are all the same to us. We do not place them on any scale. You do. The key to receiving your desires quicker is to see them all as easy and simple as you did when you asked for someone to laugh with that day. You requested it, believed it, and forgot about it.

It became so clear to me then and there that to manifest and create a new reality in my life, I need to remove the concept of something being big, more challenging, a reach, or any other label to my manifestation that essentially asks the Universe to make it so.

Now, the thing with creation is that words alone will not be sufficient. I must honestly believe it to be so.

The ability to manifest quicker depends on my conscious and subconscious belief that it is easy and simple to do so, for all my desires.

It’s on me to do the inner work to see all my desires as easy and simple and then release, forget about them, and know that it will happen.

This learning has made such a difference in my inner growth.

So, if you’re finding some of your desires seem to take too long (for your liking), notice how you view them. Then, reflect on that and ask yourself why you see them differently because if they aren’t unfolding in your reality, there’s something you need to work on to grow into the easy feeling of knowing their realization.

Try this and let me know how it goes.


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