5 Secrets to Speak Things Into Existence and Manifest

Speak Things Into Existence

Once you learn the secrets to speaking things into existence to manifest anything you want, you will realize that your words are a powerful tool that begins the manifestation process and bring good things into your life.

You will learn that this manifestation technique starts with the power of your tongue.

My life changed when I spent almost a month in deep meditation, receiving knowledge directly from the Universe. I changed how I spoke and the thoughts that I entertained in my life.

Learning the magical effect of the spoken word allowed me to use the law of attraction and the law of assumption to manifest a reality that created positive outcomes in my life.

I went from not having sufficient money to make a good living, not having my dream job I wanted, nor the ability to work how I wanted to work, and from lacking confidence and self-love to loving my life, working as I desired, and making the money I needed to make each month to live the way I wished to live.

And all human beings can do the same for all desires they have for themselves simply with the power of the tongue. You are only as limited as you believe yourself to be. Your positive speaking and creative visualization are a form of energy and magical power to create your own reality.

So, let’s begin so that you can start creating the life you desire with clear intention, positive words, and by shifting your belief system to one that results in positive results.


Speak Things Into Existence and Manifest

1. Watch Your Words

What you say out loud and in your mind will create your reality.

Your words are powerful; they are a powerful method of your ability to manifest. The right words will bring you positive things. The wrong words will bring you negative things. These simple words make allow the entire Universe to give you exactly what you desire.

Practice this right now: say out loud what you desire.

Now, notice, did you say “want”? For example, did you include “I want…” when speaking out loud about what you desire?

If you did, keep in mind that when you use the word “want,” you have stated that you will stay in the state of “want.”

The Universe doesn’t make sense of what you meant to say; it gives you what you desire. Remember, this is about understanding the power of your words. A lot of people need help to grasp this first step. And successful people get that this is the first thing they must understand to manifest reality.

So, instead, you might use words like “I am someone that lives in beautiful, comfortable home.” Or you might say, “I am someone that is deeply in love with my soul mate.”

State what you are speaking into existence as they already are. You will want to use the present tense to create positive vibrations and put into effect these universal laws.

Also, people often say things in jokes or sarcasm without realizing that these words are creating our reality.

The Universe wants to give you what you want, so when you say in a joking matter, “I am so bad at this!” then you will be bad at it (whatever “this” implies to you).

You must be very mindful of the words you use. And when you have said something that you later realize is creating the opposite of what you desire through negative self-talk, use words such as “scratch that” and rephrase in the way that works for you.


2. Believe in What You Desire

You will manifest what you say and believe in.

Here’s a perfect example, if you say that you are someone that has a European vacation for a month, but then immediately you get anxious because you know that if you go away for a month, you’ll fall behind in your job and projects, then rest assure that you will not get the European vacation you desire.

Why? Because a more significant part of you does not want the vacation since it will cause you stress or anxiety.

When you notice that your words and your beliefs of what you are saying do not match, you either need to change what you want or remove the blocks causing you to not believe in what you want. Aligning both is important to know to create with the immense power of the words you say.

Going with this same example of the European vacation, you might begin to train someone at your job to do your work, or you find ways to work remotely while in Europe to avoid falling behind. Or you can use your magical, powerful words and state that you are someone that goes away for a month on a European vacation, and your job load is not affected.

Every part of you needs to believe in what you are speaking into existence to bring great things into your life. If a part of you is opposed to it in any way, you will not be able to use the power of the spoken word and create a new reality.

There are times we think we want something, when in reality, we don’t. So it’s perfectly ok if you realize the desire is not one you want to manifest at this time.


3. Be Picky with Who You Share Your Words

It would be best to keep some of what you are speaking into existence.

Suppose you share with someone that you are speaking into existence the ability to earn six figures a month and a new car, but the person gives you a negative response or shares their negative experiences trying to do the same or similar.

In that case, you may receive that negative energy in your subconscious and, in turn, block your manifestation.

It is best to only share your words with those who will be positive and believe the same way you do about your ability to receive your manifestation.

In recent years, I’ve reduced to just a couple of people I share what I am speaking into existence and manifesting. I know they back up my words with positive thinking and understand how the law of attraction works. These friends believe in positive energy and the power of words. 

When I have the urge to share with more, I write in my manifestation journal instead, which is more than sufficient for me.


4. Live as if You Already Have it.

Assume you already have it.

In the law of assumption, when you say what you desire to manifest and every part of you believes it, you have already created it. Your words are like the word of God, spoken through you.

Now it’s about living the life of someone with it so that you can unfold into the reality where it exists.

I will give you a real-life example of how I could manifest a work life that seemed unrealistic to others, but I spoke it into existence and believed it was mine.

I wanted to work around 20 hours a week, doing work, I love, not feeling like it’s work, and having the ability to be present for my kids, surf, and have flexibility. And I said that this needs to pay me a salary that allows me to live life in experiences, such as travel, eating where I desire, and such things.

At the time, I didn’t have any of it, but I knew I had created it the moment I said it. So, I started to do small things that mirrored someone with all of what I made in my words.

I marked Wednesdays as a day that replicated the workflow I wanted:

  • I surfed in the morning.

  • I ate a lovely lunch out.

  • I worked only if desired, and I picked up my kids from school and did something fun with them.

Within 2-3 months, I was living the life I had created with my words. I lived in the spirit of faith, knowing that by living my best life, I would unfold into my new reality.

When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself, what would the version of me that has my desires do today? How would she walk about her life? How would she interact with others? How would she make decisions?

And then be that person. If it helps, use positive affirmations to instill this new version of yourself.

You will manifest what you speak into existence much faster when you live as someone already having it.


5. Live a Positive Lifestyle

The simple truth is that happiness science and spirituality agree on this point: positive thoughts and lifestyle will lead you to more positive changes and things in your life.

It also works the other way around: negative thoughts will lead to negative outcomes.

The path to happiness leads you to positivity and leads you to manifest your desires. It is that simple.

You are not your mind; you are not your body. You can observe your thoughts without inviting every one of them in to set home in your mind.

Sometimes, this seems hard, but you can do it by creating new habits.

The best way to keep a positive mindset is through gratitude.

Write at least three things you are grateful for daily, starting with the smallest things. And each day, add to this list. Before you know it, you’ll find that your mind is shifting to more positivity as you focus on gratitude. It happens naturally, on its own. And amazing things will start to show up in your own life.

Another way to live a positive lifestyle is by connecting more with nature.

Being in nature will clear your mind, get you out of your head, provide clarity, inspiration, and motivation, and remind you of how abundant the Earth is, and in turn, you are too.

With the law of attraction, what you think about will come your way. Use the power of thoughts to focus on good and positive scenarios and visuals in your mind.

As you become more positive, you’ll find your manifestations coming quicker and quicker into your life.


What does it mean to talk something into existence?

You shape your world with your words, thoughts, and beliefs. Speaking things into existence is tied to the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption.

The Law of Attraction is that your thoughts and feelings are a magnet.

For example, when you focus on success and positivity, you attract these into your life.

If you dwell on negatives, you might attract problems.

Let’s say you want to start a business and have financial abundance. You would use your words to state it into existence and live as someone with their business. Feel the thrill of success, plan your steps, and act on them.

You invite success if you hold positive thoughts, trust your abilities, and act.

On the other hand, the Law of Assumption believes that what you assume becomes your reality. If you want a new job, you assume that you will have it, and you will find that new opportunities come your way.

Assume it’s already yours and act like it. Your belief will reflect in your actions.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions significantly impact your life. By aligning these with your desired reality, you’re more likely to make that reality happen.

Trust in your power to shape your world!


Can I speak anything I want into existence?

Yes, you can. If you speak into existence what you believe to be true, it will happen for you.

You are the only one that dictates if your manifestation will unfold in your life or not based on the words you say and your ability to believe in your words. There is no limit but the one you determine for yourself.

How quickly can I speak something into existence?

You will bring into existence what you speak as quickly as you believe it should take. It can take a little time or feel like hard work and take a long time. You get to decide.

Some people need time to feel that they have earned their manifestation, so they say, “In six months, I will be living in my dream country.”

Others will realize that time is an illusion, a manufactured concept that does not exist so they will play with the idea of time.

It all happens as quickly as you can believe your words, live the life of someone who has your manifestation, and experience a positive life. You dictate the timing of your manifestation.


Conclusion: Create Your Reality Today

So there you have it – the secrets to speaking things into existence and manifesting your heart’s desires.

It’s all about your words, your beliefs, and your actions.

Remember, your words have power, and your thoughts shape your reality.

Don’t just wish for things; speak them into existence and act like they’re already here. Be mindful of the words you use, believe in your desires, and share your words wisely.

And most Speak Things Into Existence importantly, live as if you already have what you desire, maintain a positive lifestyle, and embrace gratitude.

Your life can be as extraordinary as you want it to be. Today is the right time to start creating your desired reality. Remember, you’re only as limited as you believe yourself to be.

It’s time to harness the power of your words and beliefs to create a life you love. Speak your dreams into existence – the Universe is listening!

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