33 Sacred Rituals for How to Manifest on a Full Moon

how to manifest on a full moon

Learning how to manifest on a full moon is an ancient tradition, a magical time when its said the universe listens a bit closer. 

For centuries, the moon’s energy has fascinated many. In ancient times, different cultures recognized the lunar cycle and its influence. 

​The energy of the full moon offers a potent time for setting intentions and seeking new beginnings. 

Whether you’ve heard of moon phases or are new to this, understanding how to harness this power can be a game-changer.​

In this sacred guide you will learn rituals for manifesting during a full moon, best times, how to set clear intentions and much more.​

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33 Rituals for How to Manifest During a Full Moon

Here are 33 sacred rituals you can use to manifest during a full moon. 

1. Create a Sacred Space or Alter

Begin by selecting a quiet spot in your home, preferably a corner in your living room or bedroom. This will serve as your sacred space. 

Cleanse this area using palo santo or sage to rid it of negative energy. 

Decorate it with objects like seashells, feathers, or even a framed quote that holds significance. This altar will be your spiritual anchor, where you’ll return each lunar month to recalibrate and re-energize.

2. Candlelit Intention Setting

For this ritual, you’ll need a silver candle. As you light the candle, focus on the flame and think of it as a beacon for your desires. 

Write your intentions on a piece of paper. As you read them aloud, visualize each one coming to life in the candle’s flame. 

Candlelit intentions are a great way to align the universe with your desires.

3. Lunar Water Charging

Gather a clear glass jar and fill it with water. 

On the night of the full moon, place the jar outside or on a windowsill where the moonlight can touch it. 

As the moon’s gravitational pull acts upon the Earth, it will also charge the water with its powerful energy. 

The next day, drink this water to internalize the full moon energy or use it in other rituals.

4. Crystal Grid Creation

Crystals hold energy, and the full moon can charge them. 

Select a few of your favorite crystals, laying them out in a grid pattern on a flat surface. This formation channels the energy of the moon into your intentions. 

Place your piece of paper with written intentions in the center of this grid, allowing the crystals to magnify their power.

5. Moonlight Dance and Movement

In ancient times, dancing under the moonlight was a common ritual. 

On a full moon night, step outside, letting the moonlight guide your movements. 

Feel the moon’s energy and let it flow through you. This dance is about releasing inhibitions and connecting to the cosmos on a deeper level.

Allow yourself to move freely.

6. Moon Meditation Ritual

Sit comfortably, preferably outdoors under the full moon. 

Close your eyes and take deep breaths, visualizing the moon’s energy descending into your body. 

This meditation is about unity, about becoming one with the universe. 

Drawing down the moon’s energy allows you to feel the universe’s vastness and your place within it.

7. Affirmation Repetition Under the Moonlight

Words have power, especially when repeated with conviction under the full moon energy. 

Write down positive affirmations that align with your desires. 

Standing or sitting under the moon, repeat these affirmations, feeling each word resonate with the moon’s vibrations. 

The sheer act of verbalizing these statements amplifies their energy, making them more potent.

8. Tarot or Oracle Card Readings

The full moon is a perfect time for clarity and insights. 

Shuffle your tarot cards or oracle cards, asking the universe or your higher self questions you seek answers to. 

Lay them out and interpret their meanings. 

The cards may reveal insights into upcoming moon phases, shedding light on the path you should tread.

how to manifest on a full moon

9. Releasing Ceremonies (Burning or Burying)

Recognize the burdens or obstacles you wish to overcome. 

Write these down, then, in a safe outdoor setting, burn these pieces of paper, releasing these burdens to the universe. 

Alternatively, burying them symbolizes laying to rest the things that no longer serve you. 

As the paper turns to ash or gets absorbed into the Earth, visualize these issues dissipating, making way for new beginnings.

10. Lunar Reflection Journaling

Explore the depths of your thoughts and emotions during the full moon. Use a dedicated journal for this. 

On the night of the full moon, take a quiet place, maybe your newly established sacred space, and jot down reflections, dreams, or even the things you’re grateful for. 

Let the moon’s energy guide your words, making this journal a sacred practice of introspection and clarity.

11. Aromatherapy Moon Ritual

Essential oils, when chosen wisely, can align with the power of the full moon. 

Lavender for relaxation rose for love, or sage for cleansing are great choices. 

Diffuse these oils or create your own blend. As the scent wafts through your living space, visualize it carrying the moon’s energy with it, purifying and energizing your home.

12. Sound Bath Ritual with Singing Bowls

The therapeutic sound of singing bowls aligns perfectly with the energy of the full moon. 

Lay down comfortably, take deep breaths, and let the resonating sound wash over you. 

This sound bath is a holistic experience that touches the very core of your physical body, aligning and balancing your chakras with the lunar energy.

13. Moon Drum Circles

Since ancient times, drum circles have been a powerful way to connect with the rhythms of the Earth and cosmos. 

Organize or join a drum circle on a full moon night. The collective rhythm, combined with individual beats, creates a harmonic convergence, enhancing the power of the full moon.

14. Silent Meditation

Sometimes, silence speaks volumes. Sit in a comfortable position, under the light of the full moon, if possible, and focus on your breathing. 

Let go of any thoughts, anchoring yourself in the present moment. 

This quiet full moon meditation allows you to tap into the feminine energy of the moon, fostering deeper connections and insights.

15. Crafting Moon Amulets or Talismans

Amulets harness the magic of the moon. 

Choose a small stone or piece of jewelry, and under the moonlight, charge it with your intentions. 

As you wear or carry this talisman, it acts as a constant reminder of your goals, bathed in the moon’s blessings.

16. Ritual Baths Infused with Lunar Energy

Taking a full moon bath is rejuvenating. 

Fill your tub with warm water, add some Epsom salts, a few drops of essential oils, and moon-charged crystals. 

As you soak, visualize the water absorbing the moon’s energy and cleansing your aura, washing away any negativity.

how to manifest on a full moon

17. Guided Visualization Journeys

As you sit or lie down, close your eyes and go on a beautiful inner journey. 

Visualize yourself achieving your goals, with the full moon acting as a guiding light. These visual journeys, under the full moon energy, can bring clarity and motivation.

18. Planting or Gardening by Moonlight

Nature responds profoundly to the moon’s energy. 

On the night of the full moon, engage in moonlight gardening. This ancient tradition ensures that plants absorb the lunar essence, thriving as they grow.

19. Prepare a Lunar Feast

The full moon is the ideal time for celebrations. 

Prepare a feast, incorporating foods that align with lunar energy like moon cakes or silver-colored dishes. 

Sharing this meal with loved ones amplifies the energy, turning it into a communal celebration.

20. Herbal Tea Ceremonies

Brew a cup of herbal tea, preferably one that aligns with your intentions. 

Chamomile for peace, green tea for rejuvenation, or rose tea for love. 

As you sip, focus on your desires and let the tea act as a conduit, fusing your intentions with the universe.

21. Moonlight Walks Ritual 

Manifest during a full moon by engaging physically with the night sky. Take a walk or hike under the moonlight. 

Feel the ground under your feet, the wind on your skin, and most importantly, the moon’s gentle glow illuminating your path. 

Do so with the intention of connecting to the energy of the moon. 

22. Chanting or Singing Moon Hymns

In various cultures, the full moon is celebrated with songs and hymns. 

Whether you believe in a deity associated with the moon or simply want to connect with the moon’s energy, singing or chanting can create a profound connection. 

Find traditional moon hymns or create your own, letting your voice carry your intentions into the cosmos.

The full moon is a door, and the singing are the keys. All you need is an open mind, dedication, and belief in the power that the moon offers.

23. Write Poetry Dedicated to the Moon

Using the night sky as your canvas, weave words or melodies that resonate with the moon’s magic. Creativity in any form is a sacred practice. 

As you write or sing, imagine your words being lifted, carried to the moon itself, leaving an imprint of your soul upon its luminescent surface.

how to manifest on a full moon

24. Create Lunar Art

Whether you’re adept with a brush or new to the art world, now is the perfect time. 

Drawing, painting, or even crafting lunar-themed art not only celebrates the moon but also establishes a deeper level of connection with its phases.

Consider creating a piece reflecting the phases of the moon or a detailed lunar landscape. 

Displaying this in your living room or bedroom can serve as a constant reminder of the moon’s beauty and power.

25. Read Moon Literature

Read rich tapestry of stories, myths, and scriptures dedicated to the moon. 

From ancient tales of Native American tribes venerating lunar deities to contemporary novels bathed in moonlit romance, reading during a full moon night immerses you in a world where reality and fantasy intertwine, all under the watchful gaze of the moon.

26. Connect with Lunar Deities

Many cultures have gods and goddesses linked to the moon. 

Set aside time to meditate and connect with these divine entities, whether it’s Selene, Artemis, or Chandra. 

Create a sacred space with candles and incense, inviting the deity to guide you. Offerings, prayers, or chants specific to the chosen deity can enhance this spiritual encounter.

27. Communicate with Ancestral or Spirit Guides 

The full moon acts as a bridge, connecting the physical realm with the ethereal. 

Using tools like tarot cards or simply meditative practices, reach out to your ancestors or spirit guides. 

The wisdom of Spirit Guides, combined with the potent energy of the moon, can provide guidance, healing, and a deeper understanding of your life’s journey.

28. Reiki or Energy Healing Ritual

The full moon energy provides a powerful boost to healing modalities like Reiki. 

Whether you’re a practitioner or seeking a session, aligning energy work with the full moon amplifies its effects. Imagine the moonlight infusing every cell of your body, each beam cleansing, healing, and rejuvenating your physical body and aura.

29. Yoga Flows Dedicated to the Moon

Yoga, with its emphasis on balance and flow, harmonizes beautifully with lunar energy. 

Engage in moon salutations or Chandra Namaskar, specifically designed to honor the moon. 

Practicing these flows during the night of the full moon enhances the spiritual and physical benefits, grounding you and connecting you with the cosmos.

30. Breathwork Ritual

Your breath is a powerful tool, especially when combined with lunar energy. 

Under the moonlight, practice deep, rhythmic breathing, perhaps even incorporating pranayama techniques. 

This breathwork not only oxygenates your body but also aligns your energies with the rhythms of the universe.

31. Dreamwork or Lucid Dreaming

The full moon has always been linked to dreams and the subconscious. 

Before sleeping, set an intention to remember and understand your dreams. 

Keep a journal nearby, jotting down insights upon waking. 

Lucid dreaming, where you’re aware of the dream, can also be enhanced during the full moon. There are various techniques, like the MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams), which can be practiced for better results.

32. Do a Moon Fasting or Detoxing

As the full moon is symbolic of culmination, it’s the ideal time for releasing toxins, both physical and emotional. 

Consider a light fast, perhaps drinking only herbal teas or juices, or engage in a detox regimen. 

This not only cleanses your body but also your spirit, preparing you for the new cycle to come.

33. Offer Gratitude and Blessings to the Moon

Last but not least, stand under the moonlight, palms raised, heart open, and simply express your gratitude.

This ancient tradition of giving thanks recognizes the gifts and guidance the moon provides.

Speak from the heart, let your words flow, offering blessings and love to this celestial being who has been a companion to humanity through the ages.

how to manifest on a full moon

What Spiritual Things to Do on a Full Moon?

The moon, with its rhythmic dance through the night sky, has phases that reflect a new cycle every lunar month. 

The phases of the moon, from the waxing crescent to the full moon, tell a story. 

The full moon energy is a sacred practice for many. Historically, even Native American tribes observed the moon and its influence on the human body. 

Did you know the menstrual cycle of many aligns with these moon cycles? This isn’t a coincidence. 

​Spiritual practices around the world have often considered the night of the full moon as an ideal time for rituals. 

​How to manifest on a full moon became a sought-after knowledge. 

​Full moon meditation is a great way to tap into this powerful lunar energy and bring about positive change in one’s life. 

The energy of the moon is a force that can lead to profound inner transformations.​

​Moon gazing under the luminous night sky is a potent time to connect deeply with oneself. 

Taking a full moon bath, enriched with salts and essential oils, rejuvenates the physical body. 

Consider guided full moon meditation sessions that harness the magic of the moon for inner peace. 

​Moon circles or gatherings, often held in the present moment of the full moon, are places of unity and reflection. Here, many share how to manifest on a full moon, creating a shared bond. 

Choose or create a sacred practice that feels good to you, as this is a very personal manifestation process.

Why Do People Manifest During a Full Moon?

People have always sensed the moon’s gravitational pull. It’s a great opportunity to make use of this unique cosmic energy. 

How to manifest on a full moon is truly about capturing the moon’s energy. 

Many see the full moon as a sacred space in time, an opportunity to shed negative energy and embrace new moon intentions. 

The full moon is viewed as a perfect time for celebrating the results of your magic and hard work. 

The light of the full moon is believed to amplify our desires, making it a good time for the law of attraction practices. 

​Manifestation rituals during this period can produce powerful results. Capturing moon water or drawing tarot cards can elevate these practices.

Since ancient tradition, the full moon has been a magnet for those wanting a fresh start and to attract their fullest potential into their lives.

how to manifest on a full moon

How do you set intentions on a full moon?

Intention setting is the beginning of how to manifest during a full moon and requires an open mind and clarity. 

The best time to reflect on intentions is during the time of year when there are is a full moon.

I find that meditation in the light of the full moon can bring new ideas to your conscious mind.​

​Journaling is another great way to express these desires. 

Prepare throughout the month by visualizing with a piece of paper, noting down your to-do list for the next full moon. 

Use essential oils like lavender to enhance this process and bring the emotions you desire. 

This sacred practice makes how to manifest on a full moon more effective, guiding you to the next step in your spiritual journey.​

Consider your desires and your why and write them as clearly as you can.

Is it Better to Manifest Before or After a Full Moon?

The lunar phases play a crucial role in deciding when to manifest. 

During the waxing phase, it’s the right time for preparation. This phase signifies new projects and sowing seeds for what you desire. 

As you approach the full moon night, the power of the full moon is at its peak, making it the best time to manifest. 

Then comes the waning phase, a better time for releasing and letting go of what no longer serves you. 

Using full moon intentions, decide what aligns with your goals. 

To understand how to manifest on a full moon, always keep your zodiac sign and current lunar month in mind for the best outcomes. Align your desires to the phase of the moon.

How Do You Attract Positive Energy on a Full Moon?

During a full moon, creating a living space free of negative energy is essential. 

​Smudging with palo santo or sage is a great chance to purify your environment. 

​Crystals, like clear quartz or moonstone, harness the energy of the full moon for positive energy amplification. 

You can place them in the living room or bedroom for enhanced vibes. 

​Sound healing, using singing bowls or chimes, resonates with the feminine energy of the moon, promoting a deep sense of calm. 

Using these practices, especially on a full moon manifestation circle, can amplify how to manifest on a full moon and bring vibrancy to your spiritual practices.

What is the Best Time to Manifest During a Full Moon

To tap into how to manifest on a full moon, it’s good to know the moon’s exact peak time. The best time to manifest during a full moon is at the peak of the full moon and the surrounding “golden hours”. This time is when the full moon’s gravitational pull at its strongest. 

These hours are a great opportunity to send out your intentions. 

Syncing with personal energy rhythms, like aligning your menstrual cycle or mood swings, amplifies the moon’s energy effect. 

Whether you choose to light candles, write on a piece of paper, or simply sit in reflection, ensure you’re in sync with the full moon energy for the most important thing—successful manifestation.

how to manifest on a full moon

​Reminders for Manifesting During a Full Moon

The power of the full moon is a great time for manifestation, requiring intention, alignment, and release. 

Remember to begin by setting your intentions, consider your new moon rituals for guidance if needed. 

Then, align your energies with the lunar cycle, especially during a blue moon or super moon, which offers unique vibrations. 

Turning off electronic devices will help you connect deeper. 

Embrace the release, especially if you feel inner turmoil, and consider crafting your own full moon ritual. It’s a good idea to reflect on your finished product before the next new moon. 

This powerful time presents the best ways to resonate deeply with the universe’s rhythms. 

The best thing you can do is focus on personal growth and send release prayers to the dear universe, seeking clarity and blessings for your journey.

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