How to Take Inspired Action to Manifest Fast and Easy

how to take inspired action

To manifest easily, you must know how to take inspired action. You also need to know the difference between forced action and inspired action, because there’s a good chance that these are often confused.

What actions to take is an often asked question, as a Manifestation Coach and Educator.

So, in this article, you’ll learn how to clearly know your inspired actions, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Because following your inspired actions is the only way to follow your gut feeling towards manifesting your dream life. 

You’ll also learn the best way to align with the laws of the universe, take the right actions, and realize the desirable result in your life.​

Bookmark and save this article so that you can come back to it whenever you have questions about inspired actions.​

With that, let’s begin!​

how to take inspired action

What is the Law of Inspired Action?

The Law of Inspired Action is a universal law that emphasizes the importance of taking aligned steps toward your desires. 

The essence of how to take inspired action suggests that when you feel a strong inner urge or get a new idea that resonates with your heart, it’s a nudge from the universe signaling the next step in your manifestation journey.​

Many successful people have intuitively followed this law, even if under a different name or no name at all. They’ve sensed when to take specific action, acting upon inspired ideas that felt right to them. 

Modern interpretation has given it a formal name, and the manifestation community, including figures like Abraham Hicks, has brought more awareness to it. 

The power of inspired action is now widely recognized and celebrated as a crucial part of the manifestation process.​

The Law of Inspired Action is intertwined with the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction brings your desires within reach, creating opportunities and presenting new ways to move closer to your desires. 

But, it’s the Law of Inspired Action that leads you to take the right actions that will move you in the right direction toward making your dreams a reality. 

By aligning your actions with the energy of your desire, you create a vibrational match that accelerates the manifestation process. 

Actions aren’t about just hard work – it’s about the aligned action that resonates with your goal, reducing the lot of resistance that often comes with forced or misaligned actions. 

This makes understanding how to take inspired action the most important step in your manifestation practice.

Inspired action aligns you with the laws of the universe, tuning into your inner guidance, feeling the intuitive nudge, and then taking action steps that feel right and energizing. 

It’s not any action, but the type of action that is in harmony with your desired outcomes. This goes beyond the routine action often seen in everyday tasks, tapping into a more profound sense of purpose that propels you forward.​

What Does It Mean to Take Inspired Action?

​A truly inspired idea carries a different energy, a genuine sense of rightness that often brings a positive change. It’s about discerning between a fleeting whim and a strong, aligned urge to act. 

This intuitive guidance is often the universe’s way of pointing you in the right direction, toward the next step on your manifestation journey.

How to take inspired action comes from a place of inspiration.

In this way, you are likely to find better ways to achieve your goals, experience less resistance, and enjoy a higher level of positive energy in your endeavors.

How to take inspired action is about deep self-awareness which allows a more joyful, fulfilling journey towards manifesting your desires. Each action step an exciting venture rather than a sense of duty. 

Tuning into your intuition and emotions is essential to discern the whispers of inspired ideas from the noise of everyday thoughts. 

This tuning in can be cultivated through practices like meditation, journaling, and deep breaths that help quiet the mind and allow your inner urges to surface. 

It’s about paying attention to how certain thoughts and ideas make you feel. When an idea generates excitement, curiosity, or a deep sense of rightness, it’s likely an inspired action calling.

​Now, inspired actions doesn’t mean you will have no fear.

Often, fear and procrastination are the barriers that stand between you and the action you are inspired to take. 

Fear of failure, fear of judgment, or even fear of success can paralyze you. But, you can’t let these get in the way of your inspired action.

​Overcoming these barriers is often the hardest part, but it’s necessary to move toward your desirable change. 

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Acknowledging these fears and procrastination tendencies is the first step. 

Then, adopting new beliefs that support your goals and desires is crucial. For instance, reminding yourself that every action step, no matter how small, is moving you closer to your desired outcome can be empowering.

How Do You Take Inspired Action in Manifestation?

​Now that you know what is an inspired action and what it means to take these actions, let’s go over how to move through your inspired actions.

1. Set Goals

When you get your inspired action write it out and set clear, achievable goals to accomplish it. 

This gives you a written vision board to reference and helps keep your focus sharp on the desirable result.​

2. Stay Present

Practice being in the present moment, as this is where inspired action lives. 

It’s easy to get lost in the past or future. But, an inspired action is a here and now kind of action.​

3. Seek Inspiration

Regularly engage in activities that spark your inspiration. It could be reading, attending workshops, or exploring new beliefs. 

Surround yourself with people who uplift you, like your best friends, and immerse in environments that stimulate your creative idea generation.​

4. Act Without Attachment

Take action without being overly attached to a specific outcome. 

This non-attachment allows for a smoother flow of energy and reduces the resistance that comes with rigid expectations.​

5. Acknowledge Small Steps

Celebrate the small steps you take, recognizing that each step, no matter how minor, is a leap towards your desirable result.​

6. Be Open to New Ways

Sometimes the universe’s way of leading you to your dream life may come in unexpected forms. 

Be open to exploring new ways and trying different approaches.​

6. Do Neutral Action

At times, you may need to engage in neutral action – actions that may not feel highly inspired but are necessary to keep the momentum going.​

7. Use the Emotional Guidance Scale

Understand where you are emotionally using an emotional guidance scale. 

This can help in aligning your emotions with your actions, making the process more harmonious.​

To learn more about your emotional guidance scale read: Law of Vibration: Use it to Manifest Ultra Fast in Days

8. Practice Patience and Persistence

Manifestation, combined with inspired action, may take time. 

Practice patience while persistently following through on the inner urges you feel.​

9. Keep a Journal

Use journal prompts to regularly check in with yourself, track your progress, and note down the inspired actions you’ve taken.​

The bottom line is, that understanding how to take inspired action is a game-changer in your manifestation journey. 

It’s about aligning your actions with the high value reward you seek, moving in vibrational alignment with your desires, and enjoying the journey as you make your way toward manifesting your dream life. ​

how to take inspired action

What are Examples of Inspired Action?

Since it’s so much easier to understand a concept through examples, here are some to give you more clarity of how to take inspired action.​

Example 1: Following a New Career Path

Blake had been working in a corporate job for a long time, feeling a constant itch that this wasn’t his true calling. 

One day while browsing social media, he stumbled upon an advertisement for a photography workshop happening in his city. 

Photography had always been his passion. 

The idea of attending the workshop filled him with excitement, a clear intuitive nudge. 

He took a leap of faith, enrolled in the workshop, and soon after, he started taking up freelance photography projects alongside his job.

The ease and excitement he felt were indications that this was inspired action, not forced.

Example 2: Reconnecting with an Old Friend

Jessica had lost touch with her best friend from high school over the years. 

One morning, she felt a strong urge to reach out to her old friend. It was a persistent thought accompanied by a warm feeling, a genuine intuitive guidance. 

She followed through, and they reconnected instantly. The reconnection led to a supportive friendship that helped Jessica through a tough phase in her life. 

The natural flow of actions and the positive emotions involved indicated this was inspired action.​

Example 3: Stepping into Entrepreneurship

Jason had been toying with a creative idea for a sustainable business for months but hadn’t taken any steps towards it due to fear. 

However, during a networking event, he met like-minded individuals who shared success stories of their eco-friendly business ventures. 

Their stories resonated with him, igniting a spark within. This was the universe’s way of showing the right direction. 

With newfound courage, he started working on his business idea, taking small steps each day. The journey felt aligned, validating his inspired action.​

Example 4: Finding Love

Sarah had been single for a long time and desired to meet the love of her life. 

She had read about the law of attraction and the importance of inspired action. 

One day, she felt a strong urge to join a cooking class, something she had always wanted to do. It wasn’t a desperate attempt to meet someone but a genuine desire to learn and enjoy. 

At the class, she met Jake, and they instantly connected over their love for cooking. 

They started dating and soon realized they were perfect for each other. 

Sarah’s action of joining the class came from a place of joy and intuition, not from a place of desperation, making it a clear case of inspired action as opposed to forced action. 

The positive energy and ease she felt in taking this step were indicators that this action was inspired.​

I hope you can see that how to take inspired action isn’t always about taking actions that are directly connected to your desire. Be open to following your inspired actions, trusting that they will lead you to your manifestation success. 

Inspired Action vs Forced Action

Inspired action and forced action are two contrasting approaches to achieving goals or making changes in one’s life.

Inspired action is characterized by a strong inner urge, a pull towards doing something that feels completely aligned with your desires. It often comes with a sense of excitement, ease, and a genuine sense of rightness. 

​On the other hand, forced action is characterized by a push, a sense of duty or obligation often driven by fear, desperation, or societal expectations. It may feel heavy, stressful, or draining.​

The energy accompanying these two types of actions is distinctly different and has a significant impact on the manifestation process. 

Inspired action is usually accompanied by high vibrational energy such as joy, enthusiasm, or love. This positive energy amplifies your vibrational match with your desires, acting like a magnet to attract favorable outcomes as per the laws of the universe. 

Forced action, conversely, is often accompanied by low vibrational energies like fear, dread, or resentment. This type of energy can create resistance, slowing down, or even repelling the manifestation of your desires.​

Taking inspired action aligns you with the energy of your desire, creating a flow that naturally propels you toward your dream life. 

Inspired action brings a sense of purpose and ease into the action-taking process, making the journey enjoyable and the outcomes more fulfilling. 

Forced action, however, often leads to burnout, dissatisfaction, and a lack of desirable results even when the goals are achieved.​

how to take inspired action

What’s the Difference Between Inspired Action and Forced Action?

Discerning between inspired and forced action requires a keen sense of self-awareness and honesty with oneself. ​

Check Your Emotions: Inspired action often evokes positive emotions like excitement, joy, or peace. If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or resentful, it’s likely forced action.​

Examine the Motivation: Look at the motivation behind the action. Is it coming from a place of love, or desire, or is it driven by fear, obligation, or expectation of an extraordinary result?​

Ease and Flow: Inspired action often comes with a sense of ease and flow, while forced action feels like an uphill battle.​

Consult Your Inner Guidance: Take some deep breaths, quiet the mind, and consult your inner guidance. Your intuition is a powerful tool in discerning the nature of the action.​

Experiment and Observe: Take small actions and observe how they feel. Do they bring you closer to your desires with a sense of joy, or do they feel straining and draining?

​Seek Feedback: Sometimes, consulting with trusted individuals or diving into the manifestation community for shared experiences can provide valuable insights.

​How to take inspired action is a powerful manifestation method that aligns with the natural flow of the universe. It feels right.

How to Know When You Get an Inspired Action?

Let’s get even more detail into how to know when you get an inspired action, as it’s the first start in creating your own life in the way you desire.

​Identifying the Signs of Inspired Action

Inspired action often comes with distinct signs. 

It might be a creative idea that suddenly pops into your mind, a strong inner urge to do something or an opportunity that presents itself seemingly out of nowhere. 

There’s often a sense of excitement, ease, and flow associated with inspired action. It doesn’t feel forced or fear-driven. 

It feels right, even if it might be a big step outside your comfort zone.​

Trusting Your Intuition

Your intuition is a powerful compass in identifying inspired action. 

It’s about tuning into your inner guidance and trusting the feelings and urges that arise. 

It’s a great idea to ask this very good question to yourself, “Does this action feel light and exciting, or heavy and forced?” 

Your intuition will often lead you to the right place at the right time for taking inspired action.​

Validating Inspired Action Through Reflection and Results

Validating your inspired actions through reflection and observing the results can provide valuable insights. 

Did the action bring you closer to your desire? Did it feel aligned? Did it generate positive energy and outcomes? 

Keeping a journal to track your actions and their outcomes can be a great benefit. 

Reflecting on the final tally of what actions felt inspired and what results they led to can deepen your understanding and mastery of how to take inspired action in your manifestation journey.​

how to take inspired action

Takeaways for How to Take Inspired Action

Manifesting your desires is a beautiful journey that intertwines with understanding and taking inspired action. 

Your subconscious mind plays a pivotal role in aligning your thoughts and actions towards your desires, so ensure to keep it nurtured and clear from negative emotions that might have accumulated over the past days or even years.​

Remember, the only thing that stands between you and your desires is the action you take or don’t take. 

Your actions are the litmus test of your alignment with your desires.

While a lot of people may find themselves stuck in a cycle of forced or regular action, understanding and taking inspired action can make a huge difference in the ease and success of your manifestation journey.​

Tuning into your true purpose and following the spiritual impulses that arise from within will guide you on the path of least resistance toward manifesting your desires. 

It’s not about forcing things to happen but about doing the right thing at the best time, even if it’s a simple act. 

Whether it’s seeking a new job, aiming for well-paying jobs, or finding the love of your life, inspired action will be your compass.​

Remember, there is no such thing as a wrong path, only learning experiences that guide you toward better understanding and alignment.​

Inspired action is not the only action you’ll take, but it’s among the most powerful types of action you can engage in. 

It’s the action that resonates with your heart and soul, bringing you closer to your desires with a sense of joy and fulfillment.

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